Coming Soon to a Theater Near You – COVID-19!

Can the movie chains rely on audience attendance when the message is being hammered into us that everyone’s decision making could be a death warrant to parents, grandparents or anyone else with underlying conditions?

I Got a Story and I Like it!

We decided we were making a screenplay for a movie and dang it; we will rough this out and make it happen.

Vegas Uncork’d By Bon Appétit

Vegas Uncork’d By Bon Appétit will be from May 9 - 12 2019.

New Column for American Hearts Radio: True Stories

I grew up in Wisconsin near Lake Geneva and at an early age, I got hooked on entertainment. My first real show at age 6 was for my aunt Sharon's high school business club.

Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood–Movie Review

It’s been an uncharacteristic summer for me, one that’s seen quite a shift in my viewing habits.

Carol Daems-Townsend: The Ramblings of the Creative Mind

Some of the world’s most famous authors did not get started until later in life and Carol Daems-Townsend is proof that it is never too late to start writing.

Nigerian Princess – A Life of Privilege and Philanthropy

Nehita Jewelry founder, Princess Monalisa Okojie inspiring others through her evolution of success.

StoryCorps Interview featuring Marc Hoberman

Marc Hoberman, author, camp administrator and consultant knows about struggle and adversity. He has made it his life's work to empower others through teaching,...

Five Criminally Under-Seen Movies for the Quarantine

So, while you’re stuck in your house, there are five movies worth seeking out that are criminally under-seen.

I Made My First Draft Screenplay

So when I talk about letting it sit, when I discuss re-writes and how to turn an idea into a profitable piece of work... I am talking from personal experience, I made mistakes but I learned from them.



Don’t Be Fooled by Credit Score Myths

Planning to buy a property soon? Then check your credit score, and don’t believe these all-too-common myths: