THE GRAND OPENING OF "LEGENDS IN CONCERT" at the Tropicana Las Vegas! Yes, Legends in Concert has moved to the fabulous Tropicana Hotel on the Strip.

The Mustang — Movie Review

In six U.S. states, there’s a federal program in place to capture wild mustangs in the wild and tame them in a battle to fight overpopulation.

Welcome to the BlinkShow!

UNPROTECTED: Boxing as a Sport, a Business, Entertainment and Social Commentary

Imagine a restaurant filled with boxing greats – fighters, trainers, managers – all trying to talk over each other with their stories of “back in the day” and “remember when,


In my 30-year practice as a securities/entertainment attorney, working with independent film producers seeking to obtain film finance from private investors, some of these producers have from time to time raised the question (or possibility) of financing some or all of the production costs of their film through foreign pre-sales.

The TMG Interview with Patrick Fabian

The Movie Guys bring you original videos about nothing but movies, movies, movies.

BTS on the Road SEPI Engineering and Construction

This time we go to Charlotte, NC for a corporate gig with SEPI Engineering and Construction.

Who Is Behind “The Dinner Detective”?

I want to welcome Whitney Axley-Andrews to the BTS Entertainment Corner. She and her husband are behind six dinner theater productions from Birmingham, AL, to Charleston, SC, under the "Dinner Detective" banner.

“My Dead Selfie” Award-Winning, Supernatural Thriller

When writer/director Joy Shannon decided to venture into the macabre with her first horror/thriller, titled My Dead Selfie, she knew, as an African American woman, there would be challenges.

Nick Compise: Psychological Mind Reader

Nick Compise is a psychological mind reader who will deliver an extraordinary experience for you and your guests, prepare to be amazed!



Right-Hand to the Champ

“The journey is just as important as the destination, because you never know where you’re going to end up. You think you know the particular destination, but you have to embrace the journey, the challenges, the changes, you know the highs and lows.