Alita: Battle Angel — Movie Review

It’s been three weeks since I saw Alita: Battle Angel and I hate to say I haven’t thought about it much.

Take 20 with Tom Paris: Jonathan Thompson

Tom Paris of Savannah Comedy Revue explores some of the projects, past and present, from Indie Filmmaker Jonathan Thompson.

Dine With the Devil

dine with the devil. To associate or deal with a particularly malicious, immoral, or unscrupulous person or people; to commit malicious, immoral, or unscrupulous acts.

Five Criminally Under-Seen Movies for the Quarantine – Part 2

Here are five movies from the last twenty years that didn’t get the love they deserved in the theater. Now that you can’t go to the theater, give them some love at home.

Toy Story 4 — Movie Review

I attended a screening of Toy Story 4 that was preceded by a great introduction from two of the film’s producers. They said that they were interested in making another of the Toy Story franchise films and were met by most people with the idea that they were done.

Interview with Paolo Montagni of Great Mountain International Records

As we chat with him about his role as a judge with JB Dondolo, Inc.’s “Music For Water” campaign we find out about his incredible outlook on life. 

UNLVino: 45th Year as Las Vegas’ Longest-Running Wine & Food Festival.

UNLVino, proudly sponsored by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits of Nevada since the event’s inception, returns for its 45th year as Las Vegas’ longest-running wine and food festival.

The Lighthouse — Movie Review

It feels like we are living in some of the bleakest times with divisions turning into shadowy chasms and our very souls threatened by so much.

Sci-Fi Body Horror SHIFTER Release Date

The Horror Collective will be releasing Planet Thunder’s bold and fascinating sci-fi body horror film SHIFTER on August 6th on VOD and On Demand platforms.

Radioactive — Movie Review

Radioactive may not be the best depiction of Madame Curie’s life, but it’s very close and extremely relatable. Even with its flaws I highly recommend catching this film on Amazon Prime.



Femme — Happy Mother’s Day!

For she who is loved deserves to hear it and feel it through the whisperings of kindness both in actions and in words.