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Supporting your children throughout school is a great way to help them fulfill their academic potential, and can be done in several ways.

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Two Young Siblings Launch Innovative STEM Toy Line in Retail Stores

Their offerings include Experiment Coloring Books, DIY Slime kits, and Experiment Kits, enabling kids to generate electricity from alternative sources such as food, wind, and solar energy.

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College Admissions Scandal: The SAT and ACT Do NOT Have to be BAD!

Although competition can often be a healthy part of life, academic pressures have given way to some parents going to extreme and even illegal measures to get their children access to college.


CEO of Grace Success Education Marc Hoberman has partnered with gold-selling singer Ny’a to release a study guide, available upon request, based on her hit single “We Are Strong.” A contest will follow in the fall.

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The College Interview

Managing the college interview is easy with three parts: knowing how to dress, what types of questions they will ask, and what questions you should ask.



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