Salvation Saloon Badass Church and Saints©

The demand grew for weekly services instead of just every couple of months. Thus, the “Watering Hole Church”.  Since then, many lives have been changed. Lives that would not have been changed by traditional means.

The SIGMA Male “Dare To Be”

If you pay close attention my good friends and if you discern between all this confused modern fog, both Sigma male and female are still very much there and here with us all—they are within us.

DAMON Unleashed: 0 to 60 in 3 seconds

The electric superbikes, including HyperSport and HyperFighter, offer unparalleled safety, comfort, and performance with groundbreaking technology and zero tailpipe emissions.

AMAYA “Knowledge Is Power”

Amaya put herself through school ensuring she would at least get a high school degree. “I watched people get hurt all my life and I refuse to live that kind of life,” she confidently declared.

Jenny Tinmouth: Dreams, Skills and Merit

Jennifer Rosanne Tinmouth (born 8 March 1978) is an English motorcycle racer and professional motorcycle stunt performer. Jenny is the fastest female to lap the Isle of Man TT course.

“Mandy Lady” Brilliant Rebirth©

Mandy Horvath, victim of a date rape drug nightmare whom some of you may be familiar with, cannot say she came out unscathed from what appeared as an innocent and safe situation. 

A Conversation with Erik Buell

Buell’s EBR 1190RX currently holds best lap record at JenningsGP. Erik’s grin at the mention of that achievement betrays his justifiable pride. “It was the best handling bike at the time,” Buell said.

“Machine Gun Preacher”

Through his charity — “Angels of East Africa” ( has, since 1998, built seven orphanages, seven schools, around 40 wells for clean drinking water, and a farm where he teaches those displaced by war, how to make a living.

The CAANE Foundation: In Memory Chris Cane

The CAANE Foundation receives and donates hundreds of used and brand new or nearly new jackets, gloves, boots, and helmets.

Serves Me Right–Protect Your Investment

My reward and hope is that some poor soul out there might learn a good lesson through this piece and that I might spare them some time and money.



Santayana’s Curse

In today’s polarized world, our real enemy is not each other but social media moguls, some in the news media, and some politicians, seeking to divide us for their own monetary greed and political aggrandizement.