Pepito’s America Mamadas – YouTube Web Series

Pepito’s America Mamadas is the whimsical journey of a Latinx young man who works and hustles in daily life to make his way in the world. His adventures are full of humor and laughter, at times irony, and always with the ambition of Pepito to make more of his life than his circumstances given.

Joined by his band of cohorts, both men and women hoping to catch fire with him, he wends his way up the ladder from being just another guy to becoming an important cog in the life of a future mayor. He is claiming his stake on his part of the American Dream, thus the title, and we see Pepito grow from a bit of a slacker into a clever winner, as we laugh with him most the way.

The cast is a wonderful mix of Southern California, led by Pepito, a Mexican/Chicano Latinx that moves in and out of old and new world culture. Plus an array of funny sidekicks, including some pretty women who have comedy chops.

Pepito is reminiscent of the classic comedy figure, the little chap or the sad sack that makes good in the end, very traditional in Mexican cinema and early American comedy. We are pulling for him to make it and break through, and his setbacks and adventures become obstacles we want him to overcome. A very enjoyable series to watch!

Pepito’s America is being considered for an Emmy nomination for the second year in a row for Best Short Form Comedy, Drama, Variety Series, and Best Performer in a Short Form Comedy or Drama.

Both seasons of Pepito’s America can be viewed on Pepito’s America YouTube channel: