Fast-Track Approval: Key Terms and Conditions in Payday Lending

This comprehensive exploration delves into the crucial terms and conditions that typically lead to swift payday loan fast approval.

Top 5 Strategies Utilized by High Net-Worth Financial Advisors

High net worth financial advisors employ specific strategies to achieve their client's financial goals while safeguarding and enhancing their wealth over time. This article will delve into the top 5 strategies these advisors utilize to achieve outstanding client outcomes.

A Deep Dive: Understanding Cryptocurrency Regulations in Australia Before Buying

With a tech-savvy population and a forward-thinking approach, Australia is positioning itself as a leading hub for digital currency enthusiasts.

What Can You Buy With Cryptocurrency?

It’s also worth noting that if the particular business you’re wanting to buy from doesn’t accept your cryptocurrency, you can have it exchanged for gift cards and use those.

Gathering Your Health Coverage Documentation for the Tax Filing Season

Whether you qualify for an exemption, a premium tax credit, or if you have to pay in, having all the necessary paperwork will make things a lot easier. Check out our tips below to get your healthcare documentation ready for the upcoming filing season.

45 Things to Save You from Identity Theft

Below are 45 precautions you can take to prevent identity theft. Incorporate these into your way of life to greatly reduce the chances of fraud knocking on your door.

What Is Ethical Investing and How Can You Get Started?

While ESG investments focus on sustainability and are increasing in popularity, it’s important to remember that markets can shift at any time. 

Why Is Keeping on Top of Your Credit Report Vital?

“The real problem with credit reports is the astounding number of errors,” says Brookings Institute fellow, Aaron Klein.

How to Get Serious about Employee Background Checks

You’ve culled through your candidates to fill an opening in your business and finally landed on someone who seems like a perfect fit.


In my 30-year practice as a securities/entertainment attorney, working with independent film producers seeking to obtain film finance from private investors, some of these producers have from time to time raised the question (or possibility) of financing some or all of the production costs of their film through foreign pre-sales.



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