Charles Agron Returns to Thrill Audiences with ‘Altered Reality’: A Cinematic Journey Exploring Time,...

Charles Agron, a prominent celebrity figure in American film production, screenwriting, and acting, is making waves in horror and thriller genres.

Beyond Mr. Big Stuff: A Q&A with Harry Hickstein

Harry Hickstein is not the man he used to be. He’s even better. Back in 1985, Harry went on stage for the first time at the Comedy Womb in Berwyn. He was “a hulky, intimidating presence,” and audiences wondered whether he was a me

Take 20 with Tom Paris, Dan Glazer, and Standup Comedian Sonya White

Comedian Sonya White is based in Chicago, IL. Originally from Virginia, she has combined southern charm with big city street smarts!

30 Years After 2Pac Dropped the Iconic Music Video “Brenda’s Got a Baby” the...

The song explores the issue of teen pregnancy, molestation, and its effect on young mothers and their families. It draws from the plight of the impoverished.

MATT FRASER — America’s Top Psychic Medium

Psychic mediums can connect the physical and spiritual worlds by delivering messages from spirits on the other side. Matt Fraser is "America's Top Psychic Medium" and best-selling author.

12 Top Tips for Staying Relevant and Successful in Business

Take a closer look at this eye-opening interview with Skova, whose business acumen, relentless work ethic, and ability to cross over in industry, expertise, and brand image with incredible ease and success leave much to be learned in business development.

Take 20 With Tom, Dan, and Roger Kabler

We had a fantastic time talking with Roger about his new movie “Being Robin”, among other things, as seen at the Savannah Comedy Revue.

The TMG Interview–Aneil Karia

After his feature film, Surge, director Aneil Karia returned to a short film project and it seems to have paid off in terms of exposure and reward as The Long Goodbye, Karia’s collaboration with Riz Ahmed, is now nominated for Best Short Film at the 94th Academy Awards.

The TMG Interview–Gary Lane & Larry Lane

The film had an impact on twin brothers Gary and Larry Lane, who head the team behind Still Working 9 to 5, a new documentary about the making and legacy of the classic film.

Comics on Parole in Hollywood South ~ Actor/Comedian Bob Greenberg

Bob Greenberg is an actor and writer, known for Dark Corner (2012), Heartbreak Hospital (2002) and The Peter Austin Noto Show (2012).



The 4th “No lie can live forever” ~MLK

As I sit here reflecting on the abundance of blessings America received starting with freedom from tyrannical government in 1776, I look at current issues and can’t help but to wonder where in the world we are heading.