Take 20 with Tom Paris: Dan Glazer Comics On Parole

Thomas Paris of Savannah Comedy Revue joins Dan Glazer of Comics On Parole/Hollywood South with all the details of the 2020 Savannah Comedy Revue Stand Up Contest.

Interview with Amanda Abizaid

Singer-songwriter Amanda Abizaid is a singer/ songwriter, flautist, and pianist originally from Lebanon. She is also a judge on the Music For Water Campaign. 

Cut & Mix: Marc Hoberman – Teacher, Mentor, Best-Selling Author

Marc shares his personal struggle with epilepsy and how he overcame the sense of stigma to share and inspire people across the United States and around the world.

Cut & Mix with Vanessa Hundley: Comedian Ian Bagg

Vanessa Hundley aka DJ Audioprism snags off-the-road Canadian comedian Ian Bagg for a chat on his personal experience discovering his passion for comedy.

The Blueman PAPI OJO

The self-taught dancer from Nigeria talks to us about how he ended up teaching African dance moves to Rhianna, Janet Jackson, and Beyoncé.

Knightmage and Arrow Talk

In this episode of The Director's Chair, Jonathan interviews international cosplayer Michael 'Knightmage' Wilson. They discuss how Knightmage got into cosplaying and some of his favourite characters.

Cut & Mix w/ DJ Audioprism: Claudia Valentine, Adult Film Star

It's a real, raw look at the path of this entertainer as she found herself in the industry after the fallout of 9/11.

Amazon Best Seller and Me

In this episode of the director's chair, Jonathan is joined by Amazon bestselling author Jordon Greene.

Rapping as a Single Daddy

In the second episode of The Director's Chair, Jonathan Thompson of Devil May Care Productions interviews I.M.C award winning rap artist T.K.O Diamond Quad.

“The Director’s Chair”: Interview with Darrin Skinner

In this premiere episode Jonathan explores how the economic crisis of 2008 spurred Darrin into creating his F.E.C and how the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has affected business.



Don’t Waste Your Pain

Don’t waste your pain, you will definitely get through it. How the pain changes you is entirely up to you. Don’t just go through it, make the decision to GROW through it.