Charles Agron Returns to Thrill Audiences with ‘Altered Reality’: A Cinematic Journey Exploring Time, Temptations, and the Consequences of Choices”

Charles Agron, a prominent celebrity figure in American film production, screenwriting, and acting, is making waves in horror and thriller genres. With a passion deeply rooted in storytelling, Agron draws inspiration from literary giants like Rod Serling’s groundbreaking series, “The Twilight Zone,” and the captivating works of iconic author Stephen King, particularly “The Shining.”  Agron’s fantastic talent was showcased in his previous venture, the horror film/suspense thriller “Monday at 11:01 A.M.,” where he starred, wrote, and produced. Now, he returns to the cinematic stage with his latest thriller film, “Altered Reality,” slated to open in over 200 theaters nationwide on Feb. 16. In this cinematic endeavor, Agron takes on the roles of both writer and actor, contributing to the film’s intriguing narrative. 

“Altered Reality” explores the transformative power of a yet-to-be-released miracle drug, thrusting the protagonist, Oliver, into a whirlwind of riches, unscrupulous pacts, and a distorted blending of past and present. The film, directed by Don E. FauntLeRoy, features an ensemble cast that includes Agron alongside esteemed actors like Lance Henriksen, Tobin Bell, and Edward Asner. In this interview, Agron dived into the inspiration and thought process behind “Altered Reality.” He revealed, “This film has been a long time coming. I’m obsessed with time, as you can see in the title of my previous film. When you look into time, some people say the present, past, and future exist simultaneously. With this film Altered Reality, I wanted to dive deeper into that and deal with temptations and the consequences of those decisions.”  

Agron’s exploration of the complexities of time and the consequences of choices adds depth to the sci-fi thriller genre. He aims to challenge audiences by examining the idea of making deals with the Devil and whether there is a point of no return for such decisions. When asked about what distinguishes “Altered Reality” from other films in the genre, Agron emphasized its narrative solid focus. He expressed, “What separates this from other films is that it is very story-driven, and the audience will walk away thinking about this film after watching it. I strived to create a movie where you can’t say I saw that coming from a mile away.

Agron encourages audiences to experience the freshness of “Altered Reality,” a sci-fi thriller that promises engaging storytelling, compelling performances, and thought-provoking themes. As he reflects on his legacy, Agron hopes the world remembers him as someone who was relentless, prioritized family and worked tirelessly to bring meaningful stories to the forefront of cinema. His dedication to his craft and the impactful narratives he creates are set to leave an enduring mark on the world of film.

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