Ashley’s addiction for speed on two wheels started after she crashed a car drag racing doing a ¼ mile run. “They put me on a bike right after and the rest is history. I was hooked,” said the Savage Barbie in her.

“My Harley Quinn” © “For Valentine”

If she needed my blood I would slice my wrist for her survival. She would do the same for me. I am her clumsy beast. She is my beauty. My Harley Quinn.  

“Lions and Sheep” The Brian Bill Foundation

The foundation provides therapeutic support to Special Operations Forces active duty, veterans and their spouses through 5-day, all-inclusive and fully funded retreats.

How Much Does It Cost to Own a Racehorse?

While owning a racehorse privately is the dream for millions, it may not be the most attainable target given the price. Therefore, there are a number of more affordable options when it comes to ownership. 

Binding of the Hearts

We must work on ourselves before we can be there for others, for we may not be able to handle another’s demons either.

Raging for Peace

Problem is, us men have not been taught how to process, analyze, and manage emotions. To be honest, most of us don’t even want to bother…until it hits us where it truly hurts, then we feel like lost puppies.

Salvation Saloon Badass Church and Saints©

The demand grew for weekly services instead of just every couple of months. Thus, the “Watering Hole Church”.  Since then, many lives have been changed. Lives that would not have been changed by traditional means.

The SIGMA Male “Dare To Be”

If you pay close attention my good friends and if you discern between all this confused modern fog, both Sigma male and female are still very much there and here with us all—they are within us.

DAMON Unleashed: 0 to 60 in 3 seconds

The electric superbikes, including HyperSport and HyperFighter, offer unparalleled safety, comfort, and performance with groundbreaking technology and zero tailpipe emissions.

AMAYA “Knowledge Is Power”

Amaya put herself through school ensuring she would at least get a high school degree. “I watched people get hurt all my life and I refuse to live that kind of life,” she confidently declared.