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By Night Train

Friday, December 29, 2023

Joseph Thomas Campos also known as “JT” Campos aka “Boaz Jimenez”, your favorite bad boy you love to hate from the hit Netflix series “Queen of the South”, was born on the road January 16, 1973. His feet never touched the ground in his birthplace, Winfield, Illinois. 

JT Campos grew up in the Texas Rio Grand Valley, graduated from Mission High School in 1991, and received the key to the City of Mission Texas in 2022.

Campos started acting in high school, where he took part in many plays for his drama class. His desire to fulfill his dream of being an actor/stuntman brought him to Austin, Texas. In the early 2000s he landed his first gig that would change his life forever. 

Joseph Thomas Campos was hired on as an extra in the movie “The Alamo”, where he played a soldier in the Mexican army. He later became a featured extra performing various stunts and was one of the Davey Crockett executioners. From television series to feature films, JT Campos has etched an undeniable mark in the industry and into the hearts of those he works with. His range of skills span from acting, voiceover, stunts, lighting, sound, writing, and editing. On set, he cares about keeping up positive morale and can quickly anticipate the needs of others after working with them for just a short time. Working with students through the Austin Film School and LUPE Arte, JT Campos demonstrated he is a natural teacher; especially to our next generation of brilliant hearts and minds. His creativity also extends into music and recently released the single, Juana Marijuana. He starred in a video with the late, very popular accordion player and vocalist, Aniceto Molina. He received The Merit Award for Best Supporting Actor at Indie Fest 2009 for the role of Benito in Guilty. He appeared in Prison Break as well as Dusk till Dawn (TV series). You can also see him perform in the ABC TV series, American Crime Law & Order Organized Crime Season 3.

The enigmatic rise and fall of Boaz Jimenez in Queen of the South is a predominant part of a gripping crime drama. It introduces us to the complex character of Boaz Jimenez, also known here as Joseph Thomas Campos. In the tumultuous world of drug cartels and power struggles, Boaz emerges as a formidable force, leaving an indelible mark on the series. Boaz, portrayed by Joseph Thomas Campos, enters the narrative as a mysterious and cunning figure. His rise to power within the Vargas cartel is nothing short of spectacular, and the character’s layers are peeled back gradually, revealing a man driven by ambition and a thirst for control. As the series unfolds, Boaz Jimenez’s backstory comes to light, weaving a tale of resilience and calculated ruthlessness. One of the defining aspects of Boaz Jimenez’s character is his ability to navigate the treacherous waters of the drug trade with strategic brilliance. His alliances and betrayals keep viewers on the edge of their seats, making him a central figure in the intricate web of Queen of the South’s plot. Joseph Thomas Campos brings a nuanced performance to the character, capturing the essence of Boaz Jimenez’s complex personality.

Boaz Jimenez’s relationship with Teresa Mendoza, the show’s protagonist, adds an additional layer of complexity to his character. The chemistry between Boaz Jimenez and Teresa Mendoza is both compelling and volatile, mirroring the unpredictable nature of their world. The dynamic between these two characters serves as a focal point for much of the series, creating moments of tension and emotional intensity. As “Boaz Jimenez” becomes a household name among Queen of the South enthusiasts, the character’s inevitable descent becomes equally captivating. The show masterfully portrays the consequences of Boaz Jimenez’s actions, leading to a dramatic and unforgettable climax. The fall of Boaz Jimenez is not just a narrative arc; it is a testament to the show’s ability to explore the consequences of power and ambition in the world of drug cartels. JT Campos’s portrayal of Boaz Jimenez deserves commendation for bringing depth and authenticity to the character. His performance, coupled with the writing of the series, ensures that Boaz Jimenez remains a memorable and enigmatic figure in the realm of television crime dramas.

As I spent time alone with Joseph, I quickly realized this self-made man is King of his life calling his shots as he desires. Joseph, a very charismatic human being has a lot to say, and rightfully so. He started at the bottom of the ladder. He earned his dues and lives his life each day as if it was his last — to the beat of his own drum.  His greatest treasured accomplishment in life is his daughter “Chaya Amarize Marie Campos.” Through her, JT Campos sees his own flaws and vulnerabilities and is reminded of his strengths. She inspires him to become a true man and papa. “I don’t ever want to be back in a “Sancho mode”, Joseph tells me.

Joseph’s greatest influence was one of his high school teachers, Mrs. Imelda Chapa, who dared to believe in him and encouraged him to follow his dreams. Books such as “Mastery of Life: A Toltec Guide to Personal Freedom” by don Miguel Ruiz Jr and “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene are two examples he gives from his library which he describes as worldly and eccentric. Continuously in creative mode, Joseph tells me “life and creation are beauty.”  The fact we are all so different but really the same is beauty to him. “Pain can be a blessing.” In regard to religion and politics, Campos mischievously responds, “Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies.” 

“I want to live forever!” Joseph said. Creating his infinite legacy, he is currently working on an audiobook entitled, “There I Come”, bringing listeners through the journey of JT’s life. 

Joseph Thomas Campos is preparing for his next cartel movie, “The Treacherous Border” a Lion and Tiger Entertainment and D111 Films production directed by Fernando SanMiguel. The movie will be filmed entirely in the Texas Rio Grand Valley, where JT Campos grew up. This story was inspired by the actual events of a single mother having to cross from Mexico into the US using a Coyote across the Rio Grande. This script has already won 29 awards worldwide. Confirmed actors include: Joseph Thomas Campos, Manelly Zepeda, 87eleven stunt team, Napoleon Rodriguez, Chris Seagler, Chris Todd and more.

Joseph tells me, “Please tell your readers to breathe and be patient with each other.” Joseph, who has rubbed shoulders with Billy Bob Thornton, has more passion than most mortals I’ve crossed paths with. I have since watched “Queen of the South” on a binge. I was glued to the screen. Joseph’s raw talent permeates the screen in the scenes he has been gifted with. His presence is undeniable. He possesses his character “Boaz Jimenez” masterfully.

“Your mere existence is important to somebody somewhere. Don’t waste it” –  Joseph Thomas Campos

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Collaboration: Jenn Rangubphai and Taylor Alexa Owens

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