The Disgraceful Fall Out of Claudine Gay’s Self-Deception

It’s very sad that Claudine Gay can’t admit the real reasons she was booted from her $900,000 (plus goodies) plagiarized perch…in title only as she still gets to keep that salary and the goodies package, in exchange for teaching a few courses and flying under the radar about the money. It’s very surprising that, given her continued self-deception, donors aren’t calling for her compensation package to be drastically reduced (if not for her leaving entirely).

Gay’s insistence on seeing everything through a “racially animus” lens shows that she hasn’t ever been honest with her own shortcomings and (as a result), until she learns to come to grips with reality, she shouldn’t be allowed to stay on as part of the faculty at Harvard or at any other institution that claims to value honesty.

Given that many parts of her thesis were plagiarized too, I’m very surprised that she won’t be stripped of her PhD. Instead (having essentially stolen her doctorate title), she’ll still be allowed to hide behind her ridiculous racially animus reason for her forced resignation, by being allowed to teach courses in racial self-deception at an institution that continues to coddle anti semites and pro plagiarists.

Gay’s conveniently deceptive blindness is a prime example of what MLK would be ashamed of, as the same contributes to the kind of racial polarization he despised. Until the Claudine Gays of our country stop using race as an excuse, and decide that the lower standards of DEI should replace merit, until they allow MLK’s dream to become a reality, based upon the meritocratic opportunities that have been and continue to be given, we’re all going to continue to feel wounded. African Americans (and Haitians: Gay, Jamaicans: Kamala Harris, and Hawaiians: Obama, who are riding on African Americans’ coattails) will feel wounded for having to be judged completely on merit and the rest of us will feel wounded for having to make allowances for those who don’t want to be judged on merit.

To begin to heal let’s start with the same standards for all, with merit (not color) as the measure…to do less is to reward Claudine Gay, and all those who see merit based choices, rather than a free DEI ride, as racist, for their color and not their character.

We need only look at what happens when color rather than character is the measure: in Gay’s case, her lack of character (as shown by her shameful conduct and then, to add insult to injury, her lack of insight) has been severely weakened by having been allowed to rely on her color.

That state of affairs, turns MLK’s hopeful dream for a better world into a continuing nightmare.

Audrey Biloon

Copyright 2024

Photo attribution: Office of the Governor of Massachusetts (Charlotte Hysen/Governor’s Press Office), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons