Beatrice Davis
CEO/Executive Editor
Trailblazing, innovative and resilient are three words used to describe Beatrice H. Davis. Born and raised in Switzerland, she moved in her early teens to Germany and after receiving her bachelor’s degrees in fashion/millinery/fur design, she packed up her suitcase and moved to the USA. After a couple of years adjusting to a new lifestyle, she was presented with the opportunity to work for Jive Records in Chicago. Jive Records allowed her to learn how the entertainment industry works and gave her the foundation to become the first female tour manager. Through her years of experience, Beatrice has worked with many of the leading entertainers, actors, athletes, corporations, nonprofits and some remarkable entertainment industry notables. She is an entrepreneur, using her skills and knowledge as a mentor and consultant to support her clients with the best information, facts and newest trends. Beatrice has a proven ability to consistently consult and govern projects utilizing effective communication, cohesive team building strategies and priority management skills. Featured in many magazines, books and interviews, she excels in fostering new alliances with a depth of vision to inspire achievement while maximizing strengths in others. Sassy B Worldwide Productions, Inc. was established to bring her expertise of worldwide red carpets, celebrity events, concert touring, branding, and image and lifestyle consulting to entertainers. The name, Sassy B, reflects her personality and was given to her while on the road. Her clientele reaches across the world of sports, movies and film, politics, fashion & beauty, corporate and speakers. Beatrice continually challenges herself with new projects. She teamed up with a few colleagues and developed the online magazine NSAEN, LLC (No Strings Attached E-News) and NSAEN online film festival. Her latest projects, “Sassy B Kaffee Klatsch” (a gossip show that brings together friends from all ages and backgrounds to discuss the world and touches on topics most people shy away from) showcases more of her fun side and outgoing personality. Her Kaffee Klatsch is available on and her website Beatrice’s passion lies in helping individuals of all age groups, regardless of background, to help them become their best selves. Please visit her website and discover all the best-kept secrets she has in the world of entertainment.
Tamara McClure
CED/Chief Editorial Editor (Chief Executive of Development)
Tamara McClure originally hails from Oklahoma City and currently lives in Huntington Beach, California. She graduated from Oklahoma City University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications. Tamara’s passion lies in a fantasy world as she is a writer and actress besides being the Chief Editorial Director for No Strings Attached One of Tamara’s favorite quotes is one from her own mind: “There is no greater feeling than that of being moved.” Tamara is “Married with Two Cats.”
Kate Mazzarella-Minshall
CFO/Associate Editor
Kate Mazzarella-Minshall attended Fordham University and The New School in New York City (Dance Program / B.A. Program in Media Studies/Journalism). After moving to Las Vegas, she was hired in the catering and convention services department at the Rivera Hotel. After she planned her first event, she was hooked and has been in the hospitality/event industry in Las Vegas for over 35 years planning corporate and social events for up to 7000 people. Her commitment and desire to deliver the best customer service experience is her goal behind every event. Kate is happiest when she is helping people and has mentored several UNLV students in the food and beverage industry. In her spare time, she likes to write. Her journalism background prepared her well as a writer and she has freelanced for the past 20 years with over 70 articles and restaurant reviews published for various print magazines and online publications. Kate is also patron of the arts and what she misses most about New York City is live theatre on and off Broadway. She was thrilled when The Smith Center opened in Las Vegas and has been a season ticket holder for the past three years, and every August she makes her way to the Utah Shakespeare Festival for a long weekend of classic and contemporary plays. Her passions are animals, feeding the hungry and helping underprivileged children and rallies around as many charities as she can that will help these causes. She currently sits on the board of St. Jude’s Ranch for Children and assists with one of their largest fundraising events, “Wine, Women and Shoes”, which raises money for the Ranch, and she is a member of the award-winning Rotary Club of Summerlin because of their fundraising efforts, humanitarian service and support in the community. She is responsible for helping plan the fundraisers and the club’s monthly events.
Carla Arroyo
Partner/Chief Executive of Creative Development
Carla Arroyo, lives in the Philippines, loves to read and write about anything. She writes short stories online and dreams of publishing a book someday. She is also into graphic design and website development. She loves learning and exploring new things. And she loves her family more than anything. Words she lives by: “You can never undo things that you’ve done or expect to happen all the things that you’ve planned for the future. But you can always make the best out of everything you have right now. So don’t be a fool dreamer or a sucker of the past. Just live every day you live. Let go and get going.”
Vanessa Hundley
Director of Entertainment and Production Director
Vanessa Hundley, aka DJ Audioprism, started her career at Bellbottoms, a legendary Buckhead retro club that brought the best dance hits of the disco era to the nineties to an enthusiastic following. She then jumped into the scene full time at American Pie, a legendary party bar known for it’s variety of music genres spanning the 50’s to current along with signature novelty tunes. From there she continued her journey to entertain crowds at notable venues and events throughout the Southeast. She is the owner of Audioprism Entertainment, providing DJ/KJ/VJ and MC services, currently presides over two popular karaoke venues and appears at high profile dances, sports gatherings, special club bookings, and corporate and fundraising events throughout the year. She made the move into Web television with The Audioprism Show, and now produces and hosts Cut & Mix on the NSAEN channel on e360tv, sharing her love of music, film and people with interviews and features about all facets of the entertainment industry. Find past and current videos on YouTube under Audioprism Entertainment, or check out her Mixcloud sets, where she fully indulges her love for music of all kinds! “ I have been involved in the arts all my life, and see many wonderful things come from collaborations among industries. This film festival has already brought together a wide spectrum of creativity, I can’t wait to see what the filmmakers themselves have to present! ” – Vanessa
Thomas Paris
Senior Director of Operations
Born in Los Angeles, California, Thomas Paris is an accomplished actor and stand-up comic. The son of a stay at home Mom and an Army doctor, he loved aircraft and went to work for Boeing. One fateful day, he saw an ad for a comedy workshop by Second City in St. Louis. Taking a chance, he attended the workshop and soon became hooked on the stage. He appeared in a commercial for Smithfield Ham with Paula Deen. Appearing in multiple movies and stage productions as the principal actor, he continues to perfect his craft. Work lead him to Savannah, where he founded the Savannah Comedy Revue at the Bay Street Theatre in 2009. The Savannah Comedy Revue hosts a variety of comedians from across the nation and provides entertainment at corporate events and fundraisers. Website:
Ordaz Jeter
Chief Informations Officer & Technology
Ordaz Jeter finds interest in all things dealing with technology and the online community. He has many years of experience in K-12 and higher education as an instructional technologist and instructor. He is currently the owner of the Virginia Computer Institute, Inc., a technology based company that provides technology implementation services, customized training and aerial drone videography services. He is a proud member of the NSAEN team and is responsible for the overall IT mission, vision, and strategy. He believes in the incredible power of positive thinking and he is firmly committed to making a positive impact throughout the world.
Jonathan Thompson
Director of Entertainment Development
Jonathan Thompson is an Independent filmmaker, published author, and film coach. He has been involved in the film industry for 20 years and runs a small indie film company called Devil May Care Productions. Eleven years ago, Jonathan moved from his home in England to the United States and currently resides in North Carolina. Jonathan grew up entertaining people and loves to share his experiences with upcoming artists. Jonathan has worked with some big named stars and some major film studios, but still likes to make his own stuff. You can find out more about Jonathan's film making courses at his website.
Sherri Demure
Director of Marketing and Sales
Sherri Demure possesses well over a decade of experience in the application and web-based information technology arenas. Couple this experience with self-penned works for stage & screen, and a debut - currently in progress - novel , and you discover find an inspired and dedicated business professional, with a passion for all things creative.