The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw

The film will be releasing in limited theaters on Friday, October 2, 2020 and will be available on major VOD/Digital platforms beginning Tuesday, October 6, 2020.

BULLETS OF JUSTICE Release Date + Trailer Drop

Bullets of Justice - Red Band Trailer Drops!  Coming Out On October 15

BEAST WITHIN — Trailer Drop

Tensions and body counts begin to rise as all question who among themselves could be the ferocious killer - as everyone is a suspect. 

An American Pickle — Movie Review

An American Pickle is a complete joy to watch with the whole family. Simon Rich, a gifted writer from SNL, has taken what could have been easily an expanded SNL skit made stale and turned it into a refreshing tale of family, love, faith and hope.

Mass Hysteria – Trailer and Release Date Announcement

When a tourist dies on Halloween night in Salem, the crowd seeks justice by mounting a modern day witch hunt.

NAIL IN THE COFFIN: The Fall & Rise of Vampiro

A Lucha Libre legend, Hodgkinson tells the astonishing story about his meteoric rise to fame in the 90s and how it almost killed him.

The Swerve — Trailer Drop

THE SWERVE celebrated its world premiere at the 2019 Cinepocalypse Film Festival, and screened at the 2019 Panic Film Festival. The film will be releasing on major VOD/Digital platforms beginning Tuesday, September 22, 2020.

Radioactive — Movie Review

Radioactive may not be the best depiction of Madame Curie’s life, but it’s very close and extremely relatable. Even with its flaws I highly recommend catching this film on Amazon Prime.

Stargirl — Movie Review

But, this is no ordinary romantic story. Spinelli’s tale is both wondrous, cautionary, and down-to-earth with an eye-opening message.

iTunes Pre-order Now Available For BLOOD VESSEL!

[Los Angeles, CA] Tomorrow sees the release of BLOOD VESSEL, the WWII-set vampire period horror film that’s got one helluva bite!



We’re All in Grant

Galaudet Gallery has been selected to receive a Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s (WEDC) We’re All In Small Business Grant which encourages “adoption of best practices to keep employees, customers and communities safe.”