The Innocents–Movie Review

The Innocents toys with our emotions and packs a helluva wallop that will leave a bad taste for some. Others will consider Vogt’s film a modern day classic thriller...

Everything Everywhere All At Once–Movie Review

Everything Everywhere All At Once is a perfect example of cinema of the absurd. It is also touching, brilliantly acted and goes as far as to answer some of the most difficult questions about life in general while making us laugh at the same time.

Scream–Movie Review

This new stab (pun intended) at the Scream franchise is so immersed in its meta universe that it's hard to rev up the suspense or enjoy the new characters, that pale in comparison to the original lot.

The Batman – Movie Review

Matt Reeves’ The Batman has plenty of surprises in store. There’s not just one big reveal, there are several. This new iteration of Batman is a rousing welcome for comic book and graphic novel fans and should be seen on the big screen with plenty of concessions from the snack bar to prepare for the nearly three hour presentation.

CODA — Movie Review

CODA is not artsy, mind bending or controversial. The film tells a simple story in a beautiful way and makes it very relatable.

X — Movie Review

X is a rollercoaster of a shocker that is outrageous, funny, dark and not for the faint of heart or prudes. You will also need a strong stomach and that’s not just referring to the gore.

Spotlight on “Belfast”

There is young love, a devotion to family and neighbors, intolerance, religion, and a wonderful lesson to be learned in Branagh’s melancholy look into the journey of a nine year-old boy, Buddy, and his Protestant family living in Northern Ireland all to the music of Van Morrison who also came from Belfast.

BEYOND THE DARK – Trailer drop

Beyond The Dark is a collection of short stories exploring everything that ends - from marriage, life, civilization, Earth, to the universe as we know it. 

King Richard — Movie Review

By no means is this a single story about Richard Williams or tennis. That’s the magic to this film – it’s about family and working hard for your dreams.

Pig–Movie Review

Pig is a profound experience with a class act performance by Nicolas Cage and a remarkable debut by writer/director Michael Sarnoski.



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