Horror-Comedy TWO HEADS CREEK Sets Summer 2020 N. American Release

This summer just got a little hotter! Genre label The Horror Collective will be releasing the UK/Australian horror-comedy TWO HEADS CREEK on June 23rd, 2020. The film will be coming to VOD and on-demand platforms.

Five Actors Who Make Every Movie Better

This article is a love fest for five actors who show up in a movie and you know the film’s gonna get better as a result.

The Witch! – DIABLO ROJO PTY First Clip

The first clip from DIABLO ROJO PTY, Panama’s first-ever horror film, is now available to give audiences a taste of what’s to come! The scene showcases the first appearance of La Tulivieja, the witch that haunts our heroes through the jungles of Panama’s Chiriqui province.

Movie Review: Big Time Adolescence

This week's movie, Big Time Adolescence, is a Hulu presentation starring SNL‘s own Pete Davidson. It’s Davidson’s presence that elevates this film to a surprisingly charming level, playing the man-child that befriends his ex-girlfriend’s little brother in this touching coming-of-age comedy.

R.I.P. Brian Dennehy

One of the most recognizable presences in film, TV and stage has passed away at the age of 81, Brian Dennehy. Most of the time, Dennehy came across on screen like a man’s man, especially in one of his most famous roles as Sheriff Teasle in the first of Stallone’s Rambo series, First Blood. But, he also displayed a knack for comedy playing Chris Farley’s father in Tommy Boy.

The Dare Now Available on VOD and On Demand Platforms

[Los Angeles, CA] The Horror Collective’s latest release, the award-winning horror film The Dare, has now been released and is available to watch on VOD and digital platforms!

The Dare — Official Trailer

[Los Angeles, CA] The official trailer for the upcoming award-winning horror film The Dare has been unleashed for all to experience!

“Greenlight” Is Coming Out February 25th On Demand Everywhere!

Award-Winning Thriller Greenlight is coming out February 25th on demand everywhere!

The Lighthouse — Movie Review

It feels like we are living in some of the bleakest times with divisions turning into shadowy chasms and our very souls threatened by so much.

“Greenlight” Release Date Set for February 25, 2020

Award-Winning Thriller Greenlight Release Date Set for February 25, 2020



What Is Your Focus?

What have you been focusing on lately, and how can you begin to start focusing on things that are much more positive? Here are some tips that I believe will help you get started.