Sound of Metal — Movie Review

Darius Marder, his writers and cast deliver an emotionally exhausting portrait of the tortured souls of artists and what drives them.

Coming 2 America — Movie Review

All the time I’m wondering, who on earth was asking for a sequel to the over-decades-old comedy Coming to America?

Promising Young Woman — Movie Review

She’s dared to craft a revenge tale shrouded in mystery that echoes the artistry of Stanley Kubrick, a wicked and smartly written story that makes you think twice (and will likely cause controversy among alpha males).

Soul — Movie Review

This is hands down one of the most creative Pixar/Disney films in years, and yes, it is only available on Disney+.

Wonder Woman 1984 — Movie Review

Sorry to say there is little wonder with Wonder Woman 1984. I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, but had theaters been open, this sequel might have done half the business once word got out.

BLOODY HELL – Official Red Band Trailer Drop

BLOODY HELL in coming out this weekend in select theaters and on VOD. For full list of locations, please visit

Fatman — Movie Review

This ill-conceived idea of a real life Chris Kringle disenchanted with the world, falling on hard times, getting subsidized by the military all the while having a disgruntled evil kid sending out a hitman after him actually is amusing at times and has Mel returning to his charming self which almost redeems the film.

The Rental — Movie Review

I’m very ambivalent about Dave Franco’s faux thriller, The Rental, a good idea riddled with unlikeable characters leaving me with an ugly feeling reminiscent of better films, The Collector and Blood Simple.

Gravitas Acquires Thomas Sadoski Comedy ‘THE MIMIC’

"Sociopaths have been portrayed as a shady bunch up until now. Inspired by true events, this confrontational comedy explores the uncharted territory of the lighter side of a sociopath,” says Mazziotti.

Sleepless Beauty

SLEEPLESS BEAUTY tells a twisted story about a young woman, Mila, who is kidnapped by a mysterious organization known as Recreation.



Europe’s First Magical Entertainment Center, Created by European Illusionist Florian Zimmer,...

His reputation as a top-rated entertainer has earned him praise as one of the finest illusionists/magicians worldwide.