“Groove Master’s Resilience: Jerry Jemmott, Grammy-Winning Bassist, Triumphs Over Trauma to Shape the Sound...

Jerry Jemmott, a two-time Grammy Award-winning bass guitarist, is a crucial architect of the iconic Atlantic Records sound that defined the 1960s and 1970s....

Inside DJ Audioprism’s Library: A Groovy Valentine’s

In the last section of this list I will share some of my favorites from these areas, but first –a sampling of songs  from my library that lift your heart (or hackles) as well as your feet!

Singer/Songwriter Sheyna Gee Launches New “Y’Allternative” Song

Keep an eye out for this Y’Allternative talent because she’s the country’s new rebel.

Summer Fun: DJ Audioprism’s Library

Summer Fun: DJ Audioprism’s Library Songs to Lighten Up Your Summer Playlist! By Vanessa Hundley, aka DJ Audioprism Entertainment and Life Scrivener Welcome to summer! It’s the time...

Scene-By-Scene: No Pressure Plays Surprise Set

They were fast, melodic, and instant crowd-pleasers. With such an instant energy from the crowd, it's safe to say No Pressure is just in the infancy of its success.

Scene-by-Scene Show Review: Trash Talk at the Eagle Lodge

Legendary Sacramento hardcore band Trash Talk played a surprise show at the Fraternal Order of Eagles’ Lodge in Burbank; overall, they carried insane energy for a surprise show. 

Scene-By-Scene: Orange County

Although the true magic of the SoCal scene comes from the huge backyard show circuit, there are plenty of mosh-friendly venues where you can catch an array of performing artists.

Getting Your Career in Music Started: A Guide

Thanks to YouTube, music streaming platforms, and social media, a career in music is becoming an increasingly popular – and doable – choice for lots of people.

5 Ways to Write an Effective Musician Bio

So, if you’re ready to make a name for yourself in the music industry, then be sure to follow this 5-step guide on writing an effective (and bestselling) musician bio.

Linda Peterson, Vocalist, Musician, Songwriter Brings Her Smooth Contemporary Style to the Backstreet Bistro

Linda is a member of the popular Peterson Family of entertainers from Minnesota. She has been performing at the Back Street Bistro every year for a number of years.



Enhancing Workplace Dynamics: Reasons Why Hiring an Electrical Contractor Makes Sense

Electrical contractors aren’t just for repairs! Find out why hiring one can elevate your work environment!