Life Is Good for Rock Musicians Six Gun Sal

Six Gun Sal, with their incredible rollicking sound, clearly underestimates their own talent. Although it is apparent that they are influenced by the early pioneers of rock, they have created a sound that resonates with hard core rock aficionados as well as their own current fan base.

Inside DJ Audioprism’s Library: A Groovy Valentine’s

In the last section of this list I will share some of my favorites from these areas, but first –a sampling of songs  from my library that lift your heart (or hackles) as well as your feet!

Inside DJ Audioprism’s Library: 4th Of July

Music has always been a great reflector of the human experience throughout the ages.

Be Nice To The Mic!

It's your moment to step into the spotlight. It's time for that school presentation. The work anniversary speech.


THE GRAND OPENING OF "LEGENDS IN CONCERT" at the Tropicana Las Vegas! Yes, Legends in Concert has moved to the fabulous Tropicana Hotel on the Strip.


VANZANT at JESUS STOCK - 3 Day FREE Concert Event - Feb. 19, 20, & 21, 2021 AD - Jacksonville, Florida Area

InRage Entertainment

Years ago, when hip-hop emerged as a radical form of music, few would have envisioned its universal popularity and its multi-cultural and generational crossover appeal.

The Slick Boys

The Slick Boys Written by Steve Wilburn This is the true-story of ERIC DAVIS, JAMES MARTIN, and RANDY HOLCOMB who grew up in some of the...

A True Tale of The King of Pop

OUR VACATION WITH MJ A True Tale of The King of Pop Written by Steve Wilburn What would you do if the world’s biggest superstar suddenly invited...

Song Review: The Chris Massey Band’s ‘Too High to Cry’

When music videos first hit TV screens back in 1981 on MTV, the formula for a great video was simple...



Swing Into Their Dreams

Swing Into Their Dreams is a foundation ready to reach out and support African American student golfers entering Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and help them gain knowledge and experience without amassing crippling education debt.