Avengers “End Game” Work Premiere Red Carpet Experience

I found myself standing on the red carpet at the Los Angeles Convention Center. No, it actually wasn’t red, it was a purple carpet representing the ‘mad Titan’ evil villain, Thanos played by Josh Brolin.


Exciting news! A new show at the Excalibur, here for only 6 months in a large tent on the strip side of the hotel.

Bump It Off: A household product earning a household name

By William Wright NSAEN Contributing Writer She has been called an Innovator of Efficiency and the Princess of Products, but most people know Lisa Ximenez as...

My First Trip to the Red River Gorge

The Red River Gorge is a climbing destination known around the world, and ever since I started climbing it was a goal of mine to climb at “The Red.”

The Road to TEDxUNLV

Ever since I found out about TED Talks years ago, I have been captivated by the various thought-provoking topics that have been presented using this platform.

The Crux of the Problem

In the most recent years since rock climbing has entered my life...

Adaptive Bouldering Nationals

Adaptive Bouldering Nationals By: Shawn Sturges Every year there are two main climbing competitions in the United States for adaptive climbers which include top rope and...



Vegetarian or Vegan? You’re in Good Company

Individuals are drawn to vegetarianism by all sorts of reasons and motives. Some of us do it for longevity, others do it because they...