An Animal’s World

POEM OF A DOG: I am the one who always waits for you. Your car has a special sound that Ihave imprinted on my senses, I can recognize it among a thousand...

If Only Dogs Could Really Talk

Thanks once again to wonderful people who have designed these cartoons about our best and furriest pets. 

Yes, Our Pets Have Feelings

Our pets have feelings just like us!

Yes, Virginia, Even Dogs Have a Santa Claus! 

I'm sure that Max & Lulu had to have noticed the other dogs leaving WSHS for permanent homes, but neither pup wanted to live without the other.

Our Precious Pets Part 2

Pets make our lives better.

Our Precious Pets

Cute pet memes to put a smile on your face.

If Only Animals Could Talk

Thanks to all the wonderful people who post such amazing sayings and really get us thinking about how much animals mean to us humans.

Dogs and What They Need

Dog food safety tips.

Noah’s Animal House Has Served 2021 Pets Since Beginning

Having to leave a loved pet behind is one of the most significant barriers to women and children fleeing their abuser; however, NAH has removed that barrier having served families from 34 states.

What Are the Consequences of a Year of Online Learning?

A year of remote learning has had a tough impact on students around the country. These steps reduce the negative impact of online education so you can have a happy, healthy, thriving student.



Jenny Tinmouth: Dreams, Skills and Merit

Jennifer Rosanne Tinmouth (born 8 March 1978) is an English motorcycle racer and professional motorcycle stunt performer. Jenny is the fastest female to lap the Isle of Man TT course.