“Bend Sinister” by Vladimir Nabokov

Readers should not expect realism from this book. The Soviet and Nazi regimes served only as raw material for a work that is in large part fantastical.


—from time to time I actually try to read a book. After reading a review or reviews of a book, the result is a repetitive experience.

House Addicted Love

Although my love for the house was unrequited (I know, I know… so sad), I kept at it, assured that the house would love me back some day—that it would thank me for saving it from rot and ruin.

“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” by Jean-Dominique Bauby

Though it might all sound depressing, I found The Diving Bell to be inspiring. Many topics are explored, though two themes have struck me with special force.

“Not I”, Said The Little Red Hen

Did you ever wonder who made up the color designations of blue for Democrats and red for Republicans?

Popular Methods and Solutions for Bird Control in Singapore

The bird control methods in Singapore are mostly non-invasive, which is great news for bird lovers! Here are some of them:

Santayana’s Curse

In today’s polarized world, our real enemy is not each other but social media moguls, some in the news media, and some politicians, seeking to divide us for their own monetary greed and political aggrandizement.

The Living Lincoln:

And while I do not pooh-pooh such things, they do not prompt me to damn the memory of Lincoln, a la “cancel culture”; especially when I take into account his struggle against a form of racism that was a thousand times more oppressive and evil.

Comma to Think of It

when I get excited about a topic (the cousin to that sentence is: any topic I write about excites me), I can, sometimes, get very long-winded and use a lot of commas.

Unclaimed Freight

For example, if the package is unclaimed, who put my name on it? And, if my name is on it and this security (alias) guy has my email address, why does he need a copy of my driver’s license and Social Security number?