The Politician’s Daily Diet

A politician is an animal who can easily eat his or her words and his or her young if necessary. A politician lives for the kill…which is a win at any cost.

Disgusting you say. I agree, but the only choice we have is to choose among the least disgusting. Some are more smooth than others. Trump is the least smooth (but at least honest about it) and Obama is the best in smoothness (but disgusting nevertheless). My late husband used to say the only difference is a Queens versus a Manhattan mouth.

Check out Kamala Harris who talked terribly against Biden and then, when picked for the VP spot, was all over him as the best thing since sliced bread. And Nikki Haley who talked terribly against Trump and then, when he got the nomination, supported him. Then there was Hilary, who when asked about Bill’s peccadillos covered for him, at which point my respect for her died. And now, a new political machinist is on the horizon—Dean Phillips who, when faced with Rashida Tlaib, his former friend and her clearly anti semitic hate speech, says he’s not ready to denounce her (although she’s clearly ready to throw him into the oven) because he feels there may be a chance for reconciliation. What planet is he living on?

Such examples of sellouts (all politicians really, except for Trump being the least culpable) also sell out the younger generation, as their behavior teaches dishonesty and disrespect for truth. If that’s not eating their young I don’t know what is.

I’m waiting for a politician who can be trusted as truthful…but the few I’ve heard have left the field—and become lobbyists. I’m not sure that’s any better.

What’s the answer…demand truthfulness before we vote for them? Let’s not hold our breath. Then again, that politicide way to go (not voting) may be better than being giving them permission to devour us, while thanking us for being so tasty.

Audrey Biloon

Copyright January 2024