Newest Concerts from Las Vegas

We'll try to keep you updated on the newest concerts and shows to be announced.

Close the Place Down- Episode 3

I remember this well—what a story! Everyone fighting to see who would win in the battle between the Mob and the Gaming Commission.

All New Shows for Las Vegas on Sale Now

Party like there's no tomorrow.  Lots of new shows announced in Las Vegas, all from AEG. 

Mobbed Up in Las Vegas Season 2

The beginning of season 2 of this great series put out by the Mob Museum in Las Vegas is a 40-minute podcast. For those of you who read the articles last year, I'm sure you will want to hear these again. 

27 — A Musical Adventure: New at Virgin Hotels

They changed the music, then they changed the world. 27 – A Musical Adventure is honoring six prominent well-known music icons who all left the world at the age of 27.

Las Vegas Shows Reopening

With a little help from a lot of Las Vegas entertainers, we have assembled a list of who is opening soon.

Legends in Concert and Rich Little Return

Legends in Concert and Rich Little Return for Some Fun Entertainment.

Vegas Shows Returning in November

Finally, we’re able to announce some shows returning to the Las Vegas Strip in November.

Mobbed Up- Live Podcast After the 11 Episodes

This is a great summary of the previous 11 podcasts we have written about, hosted last week from The Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas.

Mobbed Up: Part 9 in an 11-Part Series

This 40-minute podcast is definitely worth a listen.



Dogs — If Only They Could Live Forever

Thanks to all the people that have posted and drawn these lovely expressions about our pets.