Fantasy Celebrates 23 Years at the Luxor

Tuesday night, the gorgeous and ever so talented ladies of FANTASY, the award-winning topless female revue at LUXOR HOTEL AND CASINO, celebrated 23 years of success on the Las Vegas Strip with a VIP party at Public House at the hotel, followed by a performance of the show.

Vegas’s Newest Show Calendar

Here's the newest Las Vegas Show Calendar, all thanks to AGT

Alexis Park with Ten Shows

Alexis Park Resort and Casino theaters, have now upgraded significantly and has two showrooms making room for ten shows. 

Las Vegas Event Calendar

Newest Show Guide for Las Vegas, thanks to AEG.

Reckless in Vegas: A Real Throwback of Songs

Exceptional vintage black and white footage of Vegas superstars, Elvis, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Sonny and Cher, and Tony Bennett was onscreen. Some of the best tunes from a past era were served up...

Illuminarium Newest Adventure in Las Vegas

Wanting to travel to Africa and see animals in their natural habitat, or go on a rocket ship and walk on the moon? Can’t afford the time or money? A new exhibit in Las Vegas, Illuminarium at the famous Area 15 will allow you to do that in less than a couple of hours, and for 1/100 of the money.

Celebrity Wedding of a Star

The Little Vegas Chapel offers full-service marriage ceremonies, themed weddings, vow renewals, friendship, and pretend ceremonies.

Particle Ink

This is by far the most incredible show I've seen in Las Vegas - or anywhere across the country. Particle Ink is completely original and totally mesmerizing.

Las Vegas’ Newest Show List Presented by AEG P

Don't forget to visit some of our state’s other activities such as the winery and racetrack in Pahrump---a one-hour drive, or the river and concert hall in Laughlin, just 90 minutes.   

Marriage Can Be Murder

A Las Vegas entertainment staple, Eric and Jayne Post’s Marriage Can Be Murder is an interactive comedy-murder mystery that includes a three-course dinner served alongside the continuous performance of actors who are hidden among the audience.



“Bend Sinister” by Vladimir Nabokov

Readers should not expect realism from this book. The Soviet and Nazi regimes served only as raw material for a work that is in large part fantastical.