Carmen’s Love Brunch

Love gospel music? We have the best new show around with Carmen’s Love Brunch located in The Composers Room, off strip, on Sundays for lunch. Skye Dee Miles has entertained in Las Vegas for years and always has the best shows. Well, this new show was immensely entertaining and I can’t help but recommend.

Introducing Skye Dee Miles, the electrifying resident performer at The Composers Room in Historic Commercial Center. With a boundless repertoire spanning all genres, Skye Dee Miles is a captivating force, infusing each performance with her signature charisma and a deep-seated passion for storytelling through entertainment.

At Carmen’s Love Brunch, Skye Dee Miles delivers a loud and wildly entertaining experience unlike any other. Starting with a lovely brunch with plenty of soul food dishes, the totally remodeled Composer’s Room was filled to the brim with mostly locals this last weekend for her performance there. Her group of gospel singers and backup musicians entertained us for a good hour. I was thrilled to attend after not seeing her for the last few years, and I cannot tell you how great the show was! Her voice can carry for miles around and her group gives us the most enthusiastic performance I have seen in years. Non-denominational, family-friendly gospel experience is the best. Welcoming all without regard to religion, Carmen’s Love Brunch invites every soul to partake in the uplifting atmosphere each Sunday afternoon.

Skye Dee Miles’s journey in Las Vegas is one of triumph and acclaim. Originally drawn to the city as part of the renowned show “Menopause“, she has since garnered numerous accolades, firmly establishing her as a luminary in the entertainment community. Her achievements include her crowning as the “One Woman Show” winner at the prestigious Best of Las Vegas Awards in 2023 and her induction into the Nevada Chamber of Commerce’s esteemed Woman’s Hall of Fame on March 22, 2024, among countless others.

With her magnetic stage presence and unparalleled talent, Skye Dee Miles continues to captivate audiences. Always full of life and happy to please, I absolutely recommend her show. Starting at noon, Sundays only, come out and have a wonderful afternoon.