Grape and Almond Focaccia–Yum!

Another satisfying and easy-to-make recipe. Of course you can substitute with cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, or even mango pieces. Just be sure to get that extra crunch from the almonds.

A Healthy Side Dish

Mango Avocado salad for a healthy side dish.

Hilton’s Famous Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Grab a glass of milk, or wine, or champagne.  These cookies go with everything! Thanks to the Hilton Hotels for this great recipe.

Banana Walnut Pound Cake Courtesy of Las Vegas Magazine

One of the top chef's from the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Oliver Dubreuil shares one of his best recipes.

Lemon Sheet Cake to “Zest” Up Your Dinner

I've tried this and also versions with both grapefruit and oranges. It will give your dinner a "kick." 

Carrot Cake to Die for!

Learn to cook a few new items while you are at home. If you have a neighbor who is living by themselves, drop a piece of this delicious carrot cake off at their door. 

FRUITCRAFT — A Fruit-Only Distillery in San Diego

FRUITCRAFT, formerly California Fruit Wines started when twin brothers decided they were going to open a winery.

A Way to Experience Slovenian Food Culture in One Day

If the way to the heart is through the stomach, then the way to a country’s heart is taking a stroll down its culinary paths. And the best place to start is in Europe’s greenest capital – Ljubljana.

Havana 1920 in Downtown San Diego

Havana 1920, a fantastic and intimate Cuban restaurant located at 548 Fifth Ave., in the Gaslamp Quarter, just south of Market Street was my breakfast stop on Monday.



Rocking Out With Thomas Claxton

In this episode of the director's chair, Jonathan is joined by touring rock artist Thomas Claxton.