Understanding Stills to Understand Film

The photographer knew how to get the best story possible in a single frame! As a filmmaker, you should be able to do that too. Your entire film is a series of stills telling a story!

Your First Indie Film – Got G.A.S?

It is not the equipment that makes or breaks your film. It is you. So let go of the G.A.S and have confidence in yourself as a filmmaker.

I Am an Idea Machine Now, Can I Start Making?

Pre-production is an essential part of any production process, this includes the design stage. Just like the car industry, you need to know what you are making before you make it.

Buy Back Your Time

We talked about the idea and writing it down, we discussed how to turn that idea into a story, we even made our first draft screenplay. Now let's talk about making the film.

I Have My Screenplay, What Now?

You made a basic screenplay from your amazing idea, but what do you do next?

I Made My First Draft Screenplay

So when I talk about letting it sit, when I discuss re-writes and how to turn an idea into a profitable piece of work... I am talking from personal experience, I made mistakes but I learned from them.

“Beyond The Reel” Coming to e360tv

Produced by Devil May Care Productions the show will focus on the mysteries of filmmaking with each episode focusing on a different aspect of the film-making process.

Now Let’s Talk About Screenplays!

We turned our idea into a story, from that story we developed characters and the world they live in. Now let us talk about screenwriting.

I Got a Story and I Like it!

We decided we were making a screenplay for a movie and dang it; we will rough this out and make it happen.

That Went by a Little Quick

Now you have the story all thought out and in a row. Does this mean your story is finished? Heck no! You still have to write the screenplay, you have to come up with dialogue and places, action and worlds.



How Technology Has Brought Us Affordable and Usable Mental Health Resources 

People struggling with their mental health can benefit from adopting technologies over time to help to address their difficulties.