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I’m very excited to say that I’ve been accepted, as part of the blogging team, for No Strings Attached. I just hope my writing measures up. That said, as a warning to my readers, when I get excited about a topic (the cousin to that sentence is: any topic I write about excites me), I can, sometimes, get very long-winded and use a lot of commas. So, to help me remember to be careful, about my writing style, I’m going to keep in mind that..... A man was recently found guilty of overusing commas. The judge told him to expect a really long sentence. I’m really looking forward to writing for all who read these blogs, to either provide information, and/or for your humorous enjoyment, as well as to hearing from you if you agree or disagree with what I write, and/or if you think of any topics you’d like me to cover, and/or if you think I should be imprisoned to a longer sentence than this one already is. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Having been a teacher, social worker, lawyer, writer, and radio show host(ess), Audrey is now continuing to write, playing at improv comedy, and exploring other activities that can turn stress into joy and laughter.



Kassi Beach House at Virgin Hotels

I spent Wednesday night at Virgin Hotels and the all new Kassi Beach House overlooking the pool. Vegas is always happening and for years, Virgin Hotels has had and continues to have some of the best pools, restaurants, and shows in their two showrooms.