Why Turkey Meat Is Such a Good Treat for Dogs

If you’re a dog owner, there’s a good chance you’ve been looking for high-quality treats for them. But instead of going to fancy pet supply stores, why not try and make the treats yourself?

The next time you head to the grocery store, you might want to consider buying some turkey—but not for yourself. No, this turkey will be for your dog.

It may come as a surprise, but turkey has tons of nutrients that are great for dogs! On top of that, it is relatively affordable and easy to prepare. And if you’re still on the fence about adding this to Fido’s diet, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll explain why turkey meat is a good treat for dogs, the risks of feeding your dog turkey, and even the best way to serve it to your pooch. If you want, you can visit Spot and Tango website to learn more about why turkey is such a delight for dogs.

Is Turkey Safe for Dogs?

Turkey is a very safe meat for dogs. Since chicken is one of dogs’ most common food allergies, according to the BMC Veterinary Research, turkey could be the best alternative. This is because turkey shares many of the same qualities as chicken, offering a lot of protein and other nutrients.

For many pet owners, a natural diet is the way to go. And if you’re transitioning your dog from commercialized dog kibble, one thing you can’t skip out on is meat.

Remember, dogs are natural carnivores; so they require a diet that contains a lot of meat. In fact, most dogs have a hard time digesting plant materials, which is why most natural diets will require you to prepare meat for your dogs.

And depending on where you live, turkey can be extremely cost-effective. On top of that, turkey has a lot of white meat, which is what can benefit your dog the most. You can give turkey as a small treat every now and then or incorporate it into their regular diet.

What Makes Turkey a Good Dog Treat

The first reason we recommend giving your dog turkey treats is the taste. Dogs love the taste of turkey meat as it’s something that naturally appeals to them. It’s important to find treats and food your dog enjoys eating to encourage them to eat every single bite.

You can use the tasty turkey meat as a treat during training, to reward good behavior, or just as the main protein for your dog’s dinner. But these aren’t the only benefits that turkey offers dogs.

Here are three more reasons you might want to consider giving your dog turkey.


To start, turkey contains a bit of phosphorous. This is great because phosphorous can combine with calcium to help your dog develop strong and healthy bones. Dogs don’t require a lot of phosphorous in their diet and turkey can provide them with the right amounts for their body.

On top of that, turkey prompts muscle health and canine growth. So, giving them turkey can offer them many benefits, just from one element. There are a couple of other components in turkey that are great for your dog, which we’ll get to in this section.


Protein needs to be a staple of your dog’s diet. A proper dog’s diet should contain at least 20% protein. While this can vary depending on the size and breed of your dog, the 20% estimate is a good benchmark to follow. And while you can get protein from other sources, nothing will be able to beat out meat for your dog.

If you want your dog to get high-quality and healthy protein for their body, they need to eat meat. And luckily, turkey contains a whole lot of protein that’s good for dogs. Protein is essential for a dog’s muscles, ligaments, and tendons.


This is a lesser-known benefit of turkey for dogs. However, turkey contains a fair amount of magnesium and zinc. These are great for your dog’s coat and skin.

Are There Any Risks That Come With Feeding Turkey to a Dog?

Like any other food, there are some risks to giving your dog turkey. This includes choking. Your dog might accidentally end up choking on turkey bones and skin. Ligaments and fat can also be choking hazards, which is why you may want to consider cooking the turkey before giving it to your dog.

Or, if you wish to feed your dog raw turkey (which is safe), you have to get fillets without bones and skin. This way, you lessen the chances of them choking on their dinner.

With that said, make sure to feed your dog only white meat. This is because the red meat of the turkey has a lot of fat. A high-fat diet can lead to pancreatitis and other issues in your dog that can bring about serious consequences.