Stan & Ollie — Movie Review

Look, I’m going to voice my opinion right here and now. I’ve been a Queen fan from the beginning. Saw them twice in concert.

How to block out city noise

Your home is your haven. It’s where you can kick back, relax and enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet.

3 Ways to Have a Positive Mindset

Many of you have heard me say that the three keys to success are attitude, attitude, attitude.

Arms of Our Savior +

Doors we go through inside our chapters of this thing we call life...


In my 30-year practice as a securities/entertainment attorney, working with independent film producers seeking to obtain film finance from private investors, some of these producers have from time to time raised the question (or possibility) of financing some or all of the production costs of their film through foreign pre-sales.


Similar to Emily Bronte, Sappho fascinates men and women from all over the world. Perhaps this is due to certain combinations that are very much present in the works of these two gifted artists:

Glass — Movie Review

There’s a lot of hate being lashed out at writer/director M. Night Shyamalan’s truncated, and unexpected end of a trilogy, Glass.

Keep the “I’m Having a Blast” Attitude

It’s exciting to see our supergroup grow. As many of you look at the leaderboard on our website, you are starting to see a lot of new names.

“Oh, If I Could Only Get My Book to Oprah”

It’s a typical sunny afternoon in Beverly Hills. The café is starting to clear out from the usual morning rush of the soy latte, extra foam crowd.

Under the Son +

The soft sound of raindrops, cast upon a tin roof amidst a crisp breath of winter air...



Empowerment for the Soul

We often grow up not knowing who we are and spend our life living through someone else’s version of ourselves.