Piff the Magic Dragon with Mr. Piffles

There are shows at various times, on various nights, with Monday and Tuesday off. 

What’s Your Definition of Success?

The satisfaction received from success depends on how much hard work we put into the task.

Dogs Make Us Happy!

Happy dog photos to break up your day and put a smile on your face!

Reading to YouTube

Music can move us to tears or make us smile with emotion because often a song stirs within us a memory that elicits a brief reprise of when we fell in love, when we welcomed a child into the world, when we felt the sting of someone slipping away from us or when we conquered the impossible…

Rare Earth by Peter D. Ward and Donald Brownlee

Their non-fiction book challenges the common assumption that the universe teems with complex life-forms (intelligent or otherwise). 

More Businesses in Las Vegas Reopening

Las Vegas is known for its flamboyance and loud glamour, it’s only fitting that its businesses come back in full force and with renewed gusto.

Surround Yourself With People Who Push You

Are you ready to go to the next level? It’s time to surround yourself with people who will make you jump out of your comfort zone.

World Micro Summit 2021 in Las Vegas

Formed in February 2011 in Paris, France, The Western Government in exile will educate MicroSummit 2021 about The Treaty of Sèvres...

Should You Refinance or Recast a Loan?

Refinancing your mortgage can be a smart way to reduce your interest and lower your costs — or even pay off your loan sooner.

Bike Week 2021 No Fear

Bike Week 2021 was a giant statement for freedom, which some disapproved and some loudly proclaimed with joy.



The Politician’s Daily Diet

A politician is an animal who can easily eat his or her words and his or her young if necessary. A politician lives for the kill…which is a win at any cost.