Inside DJ Audioprism’s Library: 4th Of July

Music has always been a great reflector of the human experience throughout the ages.

Journey to the End of the Night by Louis-Ferdinand Céline

Published in 1932, it is an autobiographical novel that is told in first-person by a character named Ferdinand Bardamu.  He is a doctor but talks like a criminal, and his slangy, vulgar voice is generally gripping and sometimes uproarious.  It can also be quite disturbing, as when he describes his combat experiences during World War I.

Embracing Video Games to Overcome Isolation

Fighting boredom and ‘quarantine fatigue’ is key, and video games can play a big role in this. Gaming offers a way to socialize with others, can be incorporated into a routine to give a sense of ‘normal,’ and they provide a way to temporarily escape what’s going on in the real world. 

Best Practices to Overcome Laziness

When someone says that they SHOULD do something, they have already lost. The reason is that guilt is not a very productive emotion. 

Banana Walnut Pound Cake Courtesy of Las Vegas Magazine

One of the top chef's from the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Oliver Dubreuil shares one of his best recipes.

Carrot Top — Courtesy of Las Vegas Magazine

And while his wildly successful show is on hiatus due to the coronavirus, Carrot Top is still there for his fans, recording a video exclusively for the latest edition of Vegas at Home.

A Little Magic on the Strip—Hoping to Open Soon

The classic “Ambitious Card” trick became extra ambitious, even viral, on March 31. Penn Jillette kicks off a nearly 20-minute video featuring many magicians from around the world

What Good Has COVID-19 Brought?

We all know about the bad things that COVID-19 has brought, what about the good? Is there anything good that has come from this infectious nuisance and deadly disease?

Movie Review: Big Time Adolescence

This week's movie, Big Time Adolescence, is a Hulu presentation starring SNL‘s own Pete Davidson. It’s Davidson’s presence that elevates this film to a surprisingly charming level, playing the man-child that befriends his ex-girlfriend’s little brother in this touching coming-of-age comedy.

R.I.P. Brian Dennehy

One of the most recognizable presences in film, TV and stage has passed away at the age of 81, Brian Dennehy. Most of the time, Dennehy came across on screen like a man’s man, especially in one of his most famous roles as Sheriff Teasle in the first of Stallone’s Rambo series, First Blood. But, he also displayed a knack for comedy playing Chris Farley’s father in Tommy Boy.