Five Actors Who Make Every Movie Better

This article is a love fest for five actors who show up in a movie and you know the film’s gonna get better as a result.

“My Dead Selfie” Award-Winning, Supernatural Thriller

When writer/director Joy Shannon decided to venture into the macabre with her first horror/thriller, titled My Dead Selfie, she knew, as an African American woman, there would be challenges.

The Bohemian Rhapsody Interview

"There’s so much to talk about with this week’s guest, a true Hollywood anomaly. John Ottman is an editor AND a film score composer.

Five Criminally Under-Seen Movies for the Quarantine

So, while you’re stuck in your house, there are five movies worth seeking out that are criminally under-seen.

Martial Arts Champion Arthur Kwon Lee

InRage Entertainment Discovers Former Martial Arts Champion Creating Excitement within the Visual Arts Community

Hollywood Actors and Actresses Present for Cannes Film Festival

Hollywood Model and Actress Kiersten Dolbec took to the Red Carpet in Cannes, France, on May 20, 2019.


Epic Pictures and DREAD are thrilled to announce that Josh Hasty's feature film, CANDY CORN, is now available on VOD & Blu-ray!

Poms — Movie Review

On, when I write or talk about a movie I didn’t care for, it’s rarely from a place of straight vitriol.

Alita: Battle Angel — Movie Review

It’s been three weeks since I saw Alita: Battle Angel and I hate to say I haven’t thought about it much.

The Dare Now Available on VOD and On Demand Platforms

[Los Angeles, CA] The Horror Collective’s latest release, the award-winning horror film The Dare, has now been released and is available to watch on VOD and digital platforms!



Legal Support Investigations: Today’s Tech and a Quick Start

With today’s state-of-the-art technology, in the hands of an experienced investigator, there’s a whole world of evidence that can be gathered to reconstruct an accident scene.