The Simplicity of Thought

Walk the turtle with simplicity of thought and align our perspective with truth inside each struggle, to break free of undertones and embrace the beauty of a loving, soft kiss.

The Fragrance of Beauty

Walk the turtle with the fragrance of beauty with each kiss and allow yourself to feel the affectionate touch of peace as you listen to the whispers of guidance during your journey. 

The Sensation of Our Existence

We melt together in a body of wonder and amazement as we walk the turtle each sunrise into a new beginning to give thanks.

Transcending the Realm of Reality

Our eternal bond transcends this realm of reality; as bodies of light ascend from our flesh, we journey toward purity and truth.

In the Space of Chaos

To see the veil of despair lifted and the fog diminish, a sense of peace and serenity fills the space of chaos that needed the affections to be loved.

The Music Inside Your Light

The power to control our conduct is essentially the requirement we use in order to move forward and progress in spirituality, and also to maintain peace inside our heart and soul.

Carry the Light of Healing

Walk the turtle with the assurance of being prepared to endure all aspects of difficulty without feelings of insecurity or fears, knowing we carry the light of healing.

The Blessings of Being Together

Walk the turtle with each turning point and ride the whispering winds of time with gratitude for the blessings of being together.

Illusions of Time Brought to Light

Illusions of time are brought into light as our hands caress the touch of life. Our pondering intuition filters out the negative fields of development...

We Will Never Struggle Alone

Silent struggles pierce into the winds of time, held by the currents of thought as it flows beyond the shores of sorrow.



Carmine’s Italian and Virgil’s Real Barbecue

Carmine's Italian and Virgil's Real Barbecue--Two Great Sister Restaurants