The Blessings of Being Together


Walk the Turtle 🐢 Column by Michael D.Aloia 7-18-2021

Being compelled by the desire to express our thoughts and insights on life, to someone we feel safe with inside our heart, is embraced by grace through spirit.

Simplification of mindset introduces the understanding of change, deep within the affections we require, as we grow into becoming more relevant and prominent to each other’s presence of comfort.

Learning to steer your mind into a new, revolutionary direction of solutions through love while speaking words of kindness during problematic situations, which are caused or created by life’s unexpected series of events we face, gives warmth.

The peacefulness of knowing we uplift one another, and inspire while giving compassion, is a gift from our soul as we share our emotions with silence.

Walk the turtle with each turning point, and ride the whispering winds of time with gratitude for the blessings of being together.

Inspired by Justine ❤ ✝

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash