The Loop in Las Vegas-New People Mover

Have any of you heard of the Loop in Las Vegas?  Created by Elon Musk, his Boring company has finished the first phase connecting the three convention centers.  In front of each one is an escalator which descends 40 feet to the cars. 

Currently, all cars have drivers which you jump into and tell them which of the other two buildings you wish to go.  They immediately take off and you go through tunnels with ever-changing bright colors, arriving at your destination in about 2 minutes. Hop out and take the escalator up.  

Each one is about 1/2 mile and they plan to start the next section connecting with the new Resorts World, which should be finished in about 6 months. There is no charge to use; eventually people will jump in the cars themselves.  They can move up to 4,000 people an hour and this certainly is convenient.