3 Ways to Become a Top Sales Performer

I’ve been in direct sales since I was 18 years old and had the blessing of the best training in the world selling encyclopedias door to door. I had great success in that industry for almost 20 years. We were often told that if you can have success in that type of field, you can be successful in anything.

The encyclopedia business was a fantastic business and taught me not only how to be successful in selling, but also the importance of having the right attitude in general. I’ve taken so much psychology from that industry and applied it towards the Merchant Service industry and it has allowed me to be a top performer in this business also.

So what’s the difference between becoming a top performer or just getting by? Over the years, I have seen many talented people who are content with just being average or below average. Research shows that unique personality traits combined with a perceptive sales approach are what set top performers apart. If you truly want to be a top sales performer here are some secrets which will help you.

1) Put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

Most salespeople unfortunately have the dollar signs in their eyes and are only concerned with how much money they are going to make.

The magic word when it comes to being successful is HELP. It is important to identify the prospect’s top priorities and concerns and take that information to come up with a solution for them. The bottom line is that people want to feel like they are being helped rather than being sold.

Asking good questions to a prospect is an important part of the sales process. Good conversational skills hinge on asking good questions. The person who is asking the questions is the one who has the control. When you ask questions, make sure you are listening so you can come up with a solution for the prospect’s needs and concerns. The best salespeople are the best listeners. Quit pitching and start having a conversation.

2) Believe in your product and service.

Belief and enthusiasm for a product or service is infectious and hard to fake. When you believe in what you’re doing and you are excited about what you’re doing, this will rub off on your prospect which will allow them to begin believing in what you are doing.

When you show that you believe in what you are doing, it shows that you have confidence. The more confidence that you have, the more likely it is that the prospect will begin to trust you. Be sincere and genuine. Focus on helping which will build trust.

3) Quit wasting time.

It’s important to have a sense of urgency. Time is your capital. Make sure you invest every second properly.

I’ve often witnessed sales people waste so much time with the wrong prospects. Top sales performers know that they’re not going to sell to everyone. Sometimes we have to have the confidence to walk away from a prospect if it’s not working. The time that we waste trying to persuade the wrong prospect can be better spent tracking down new sources of qualified leads.

I look forward to sharing some more secrets with you in the upcoming weeks. Whatever you do, make a commitment to be the absolute best. Choose to be a top performer. There are no secrets. This week, focus on these areas and do whatever it takes to be the best. It’s going to require a lot of effort. Believe and achieve.

Have a super fantastic week!


Regional Sales Manager RMS

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash