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Rent a Ride or Turn Your Ride Into a Business

By Night Train

What if I told you that you can have your own stable of multiple bikes at your disposal for a fraction of the cost of owning? That’s right! Gone are the days when you had to give away your first born to rent a Harley, and gone are the days when it was impossible to rent a speed bike.

This story is very interesting. The other day I was enjoying dinner at a friend’s place; festivities were going and in came a female rider in full gear. Turns out she rented a Suzuki GSX 750 for about $40/day for 7 days. She had just gone through some hardship and needed to feel free again blowing off some steam. This really triggered my interest to investigate.

I reached out to entrepreneur founder and CEO of Riders Share. Texas-born Guillermo Cornejo built his career in used cars, auto loans, and risks mediation. Guillermo has an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and he also has a BS and a BA Economics Political Science Minor in International Relations from the Texas Christian University. He also has a certificate from the Institute for Comparative Political and Economic Systems from Georgetown University. This guy is a techie and a biker too, and he put both to use—and you and I can benefit from it. Guillermo speaks Spanish and French. When he is not behind his desk or riding a bike, he likes to surf.

Trust me. Go to www.riders-share.com and see for yourself. You can rent pretty much any bike under the sky. Traditional motorcycle rental options are expensive and slow, offering limited variety, inflexible insurance and lackluster rescheduling or cancellation policies. Riders Share is different. Riders Share is motorcycle rentals done right. Sign up, find a ride, and book it, all within 5 minutes. If you already have a motorcycle, you can now profit from your passion! Guillermo tells me it is pretty common to make $800/month from his platform. Some people Guillermo tells me have nearly 20 bikes in their fleet renting them out full time. 

Share with confidence, exchange favorite routes, and enjoy the company of like-minded riders. The team at Riders Share are motorcycle enthusiasts and they work hard every day to provide the best-in-class prices, insurance coverage, and customer support. With over 13,000 successful rides, Riders Share is the first and largest peer-to-peer motorcycle rental community in the United States, connecting riders to motorcycle owners everyday. Motorcycle riders can find the perfect motorcycle rental and owners can even turn their garage into a business. A quick search will show the largest variety of makes and models available for your next motorcycle riding adventure, so no matter where you are you’ll never be without a motorcycle. 

One of the platform’s standout features is its emphasis on safety and accountability. By requiring renters to undergo a thorough verification process and providing comprehensive insurance coverage, Riders Share instills trust and confidence in both parties. This commitment to safety extends to the maintenance and upkeep of the rental fleet, ensuring that every bike meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Furthermore, Riders Share’s user-friendly interface and intuitive booking system make the rental process a breeze. Whether users are browsing for their dream bike or finalizing the details of their rental agreement, the platform’s seamless design streamlines the experience from start to finish.

In addition to its practical benefits, Riders Share also offers a range of perks and incentives for users. From promotional discounts to referral bonuses, the platform rewards loyalty and encourages repeat business, further solidifying its position as a trusted leader in the motorcycle rental industry.

Overall, Riders Share has earned its reputation as a trailblazer in the sharing economy, revolutionizing the way people experience motorcycling. With its commitment to safety, community, and convenience, Riders Share is not just a rental platform—it’s a gateway to adventure, camaraderie, and endless possibilities on two wheels.

Once you register, you can pick your pick of the liter anywhere. Los Angeles, CA with 559+ Motorcycle Rentals, Irvine, CA w/559+, Fort Myers, FL w/525+, San Diego, CA w/520+, Boca Raton, FL w/404+, Miami, FL w/402+, Fort Lauderdale, FL w/401+, Bakersfield, CA w/319+, Orlando, FL w/281+, Tampa, FL w/254+ …the list goes on and on.

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