Stardust in My Eyes: Column 6

I was loving Chicago, but unable to get to the windy city as much as I wanted. Sometimes I would hitchhike, and sometimes I took the train there to see my friends at the Pickle Barrel whenever I could.

Stardust in My Eyes: Column 5

Getting the boot from a cruise ship and meeting a future star like Steve Martin was all part of my first time in Miami.

Stardust In My Eyes: Column 4

Wisconsin was my home and in no time at all, I was back to school. I would think about California every day, and I knew I had to get back there somehow.

Stardust in My Eyes: Column 3

That night, before I went to bed, I thought about the first time I came to California with my mother and little brother, Tim.

Stardust in My Eyes

Growing up in Wisconsin, not far from the Lake Geneva Playboy Club, I naturally wanted to go to this resort every chance I got to meet famous entertainers.

New Column for American Hearts Radio: True Stories

I grew up in Wisconsin near Lake Geneva and at an early age, I got hooked on entertainment. My first real show at age 6 was for my aunt Sharon's high school business club.



Peter Luger Steak House at Caesars Palace

Originally opened in 1887 it is commonly known as New York City’s original steak house. It will be their first US location outside of New York and will be located near MR CHOW at the resort.