Royal Heir Entertainment Welcomes Lacey G. Souldier Turner to Its Roster

Chicago, IL – February 20, 2024 – Royal Heir Entertainment proudly announces the addition of award-winning film director, multi-talented Hip-Hop artist, and talk show Lacey G Souldier Turner to its esteemed roster.

With an impressive repertoire spanning various creative domains, Lacey G. Souldier Turner brings a unique blend of artistry and vision to Royal Heir Entertainment. As a hip-hop luminary, nominated Hollywood Music In The Media Awards, and multi-talented hip-hop artist, he has captivated audiences with his profound lyricism and magnetic stage presence. Beyond his musical endeavors, Lacey G. Souldier Turner has made waves as a compelling talk show host, engaging audiences with his insightful discussions and charismatic persona. Moreover, his directorial ventures have showcased his cinematic prowess, earning critical acclaim and admiration from audiences worldwide.

“We are thrilled to welcome Lacey G. Souldier Turner to the Royal Heir family,” said Brian Essince Collins, CEO of Royal Heir Entertainment. “He brings a lot of versatility to the industry with not only his vision and storytelling behind the camera but history with battle rap, songwriting, and more. I’m really excited to start our work together. We look forward to collaborating with Lacey G Souldier Turner as he continues to push artistic boundaries and inspire audiences globally.”

Lacey G Souldier Turner’s signing with Royal Heir Entertainment marks an exciting chapter in his illustrious career as he prepares to embark on new creative endeavors and reach greater heights of success.

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