Fundamental Tech Skills Every Working Professional Must Possess

Different professions require different sets of skills. However, in today’s fast-paced and competitive digital world, every individual must possess some basic tech skills that facilitate them to work more efficiently at work and contribute both to their personal and their company’s growth. Undercover Recruiter states that having basic tech knowledge is no longer considered to be unique but a necessity. This article will highlight some must-have technical skills that every employed individual should possess. Let us dive right into it:

  • Emailing

Millions of individuals use emails daily to converse with others or share important files or documents. Besides this, emails are also utilized by marketing agencies and firms as an efficient marketing tool. Over the past few decades, emails have truly become an integral part of workplace technology. Thus, every working professional must know all the ins and outs of professional emailing. Sending unprofessional emails or ones which do not follow the right structure can cause serious problems at the workplace. Thus, it is crucial that every working individual knows how to compose a proper email that features the right words, structure, and form. There are numerous companies which train employees on how to write basic emails after their onboarding. However, it would be best if individuals knew all about the powerful communication and sharing tools beforehand. 

  • Word Processing 

Even though word processing is not deemed a basic tech skill, it helps individuals in more than one, especially when they are at their workplace. Since most of the work in companies is done online, it is crucial for individuals to know the fundamentals of word processing. For instance, every working individual should be familiar with basic formatting terms like bold, italics, underline, etc. Moreover, they should also know how to edit different types of documents. For example, PDF is the most popular document and hence, every individual should know how to edit PDF documents on Mac or Windows. Individuals who wish to learn more about word processing and its numerous aspects can refer to free online courses and tutorials that are readily available on multiple platforms. 

  • Shortcuts and Gestures

As mentioned earlier, almost all work in most companies is done on computers; thus, individuals should be well-versed with certain basic skills. For instance, employees should be familiar with their keyboard or mouse’s shortcuts and gestures, respectively. Thankfully, both the major operating systems, namely macOS and Windows, offer numerous native keyboard shortcuts and utilities, following which individuals can perform both simple as well as complicated tasks instantly. For example, individuals can perform simple tasks like copying and pasting, as well as more complicated ones like opening apps or accessing functionalities using keyboard shortcuts or mouse/trackpad gestures. One of the most significant advantages of using keyboard shortcuts and gestures is that they help in saving time and facilitate users to work more productively. Hence, every user, irrespective of the computer they use, should learn keyboard shortcuts and mouse/trackpad gestures to enhance their work output.

  • Presentation Skills

Every working individual who wishes to climb up the stairs of success at their company by getting promotions must have exceptional presentation skills. Irrespective of whether individuals work at a B2B or B2C company, they must be able to come up with visually-compelling presentations. There are tons of tools which facilitate users to create and showcase presentations, including app suites like the Google Suite, Microsoft Office, etc. Individuals who wish to enhance their presentation skills can watch free or paid app tutorials using which they wish to create enticing presentations. 

  • Social Media Expertise

The dynamics of social media platforms have significantly evolved over the past few years. Social media platforms are no longer only a place where individuals upload photos or statuses to let their followers know about their activities. They have now become centers of digital growth, where major companies, organizations, and even individuals are trying to grow their personal brands. Hence, every working employee, irrespective of the domain they work in, should know about how social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and, most importantly, LinkedIn work. Knowing the fundamental ins and outs of social media can benefit employed individuals, especially if they wish to become smarter and more resourceful. 

  • Computer Security Knowledge

Computer security skills refer to the skills which facilitate individuals to protect their computer systems and other associated networks from data breaches, thefts, or hacks. To ensure their work device’s data remains safe and secure from all sorts of cyber threats, every working individual should have basic knowledge about operating antivirus apps, securing devices and digital files, etc. There are numerous companies which provide basic security training to employees who are required to handle sensitive information or data. 

Having knowledge about fundamental tech skills significantly helps working individuals at their workplace. Moreover, it also enhances their future career prospects. If you are a working individual, try learning the aforementioned tech skills.