In the Space of Chaos

Walk the Turtle Column by Michael Aloia 9-10-2021

As I sit in solitude and silence my thoughts of a warm compassionate embrace felt by the heart, it becomes distant within the essence of growth in spirit.

Understanding the importance of being gentle to the mind, as we endure the perceptions of being close to someone’s soul can bring upon tears of loneliness held inside the passing of each season.

I close my eyes and begin to have visions of new beginnings in tomorrow’s blessing, as dreams become desires of life.

Impressions left upon us will help form and nurture our character while we grow in strength and courage to become a light to each other, as we walk through the valley of death.

To see the veil of despair lifted and the fog diminish, a sense of peace and serenity fills the space of chaos that needed the affections to be loved.

Photo by Carlos de Miguel on Unsplash