Feeling the Depths of Loss

Feeling a spirit of darkness within the global winds as an aggression fills the flesh of man.  

The Human Touch

A compassionate embrace caresses the soul as the affection of our hearts can feel the thoughts of those we are connected to by love.  

The Depth of Heartfelt Moments

A spiritual thread of fabric that is woven into the tapestry of our life is created during each second we have existed.

The Spirit of Hope and Prayer

United by the spirit of hope and prayer is a gift we have received and as each day passes, a true bond of love and compassion grows as we both walk the turtle.

Seeking Harmonic Balance

Signs will emerge and angels will appear from heavenly realms; harmonic balance will begin to be felt as a compassionate voice is heard while a soft warmth caresses our ear.

New Chapters, New Beginnings

As I sit and ponder the present, I know tomorrow will make it my past.

The Healing Light of Unconditional Love

Pondering these moments of deep thought while walking the turtle in stride gives a new perspective to the power of our love and passion for life.

Thoughtful Moments Among Memories

Thoughtful moments among my memories begin to surface from inside my mind.

The Flame That Grows Inside

Inside each of us lives a flame that grows for a love of life. It illuminates the darkness that surrounds our emotions and thoughts and keeps the flow of dreams and desires.

Remember Those Who Were There

Riding upon the wings of an eagle, soaring above the clouds, held by the hands of heaven—knowing your sacrifice and your precious time, we go into the unknowns with



History of the Las Vegas Mob Part 6

This is the history of Harry Reid, who was head of the gaming commission and who eventually became Senate Majority leader. Reid is retired in Las Vegas.