Reaching Our Final Destination

Feeling the morning dew beneath my feet as the warmth of Earth's energy connects with my spirit during a stroll into our summer solstice.

Into the Unknowns of Tomorrow

Listening to the symphony of singing birds during the break of dawn...

The Energy of Love

To observe the simplicity of a calm silence surrounding our moments within the present...

The Doors of Our Journey

Many doors we walk through during our journey of everlasting life are opened to us by His grace and mercy.

A Kaleidoscope of Colors

An intimacy with silence inside the mind and soul absorbs the language of wisdom heard by the voice within our heart.

The Stradivarius Inside

Wiser are we when our intuition is simplified; thought processes hidden...

As the Soul Heals

Aspects of life hidden inside the whispers of a morning breeze are felt as we cry out to our creator asking for the reasons why.

Layers of Life

An infinite abyss of levels and depths of love entangled within sorrows, beyond the comprehension of our fragile minds...

Arms of Our Savior +

Doors we go through inside our chapters of this thing we call life...

Under the Son +

The soft sound of raindrops, cast upon a tin roof amidst a crisp breath of winter air...



The Journey of a Soulful Singer

We have dreams and aspirations at a young age. The journey we take in life brings us full circle back to our beginnings.