Remember Those Who Were There

Riding upon the wings of an eagle, soaring above the clouds, held by the hands of heaven—knowing your sacrifice and your precious time, we go into the unknowns with

So Sweet Is the Smell of Life

Winds pick up as the breeze blows my hair and I think how sweet the smell of life is, how we embrace the moments shared in memories of those that cared.

The Storms of Our Journey

With each day that passes, our hearts mend as we listen to the music of His grace that plays inside our soul...

A Thirst for Higher Purpose

Awakening to the surrealism of our destinies opens the veils of shrouded truths as the transparencies emerge upon the eyes of the soul.

Your Journey of Truth

remove the thoughts of deceptions as you take those leaps and risks during your journey of truth.

His Hand Holds Our Hearts

Signatures of our spiritual energies felt during the embracing of memories and sorrows are spun inside the mind...

Bound by an Infinite Love

Beautiful colors of the rainbow melted within the walls of chaos that hold together the calm inside the storm.

Tomorrow’s Possibilities

Transitions of passion fill the spirit as the mending of wounds become healed by the powers of kindness and love...

Sacred Love

Ashes of withered remains inside the memories held by the isolation

Reaching Our Final Destination

Feeling the morning dew beneath my feet as the warmth of Earth's energy connects with my spirit during a stroll into our summer solstice.



Unleash Tough Love

Aspects of realities and illusions..