The Blessings of Being Together

Walk the turtle with each turning point and ride the whispering winds of time with gratitude for the blessings of being together.

Illusions of Time Brought to Light

Illusions of time are brought into light as our hands caress the touch of life. Our pondering intuition filters out the negative fields of development...

We Will Never Struggle Alone

Silent struggles pierce into the winds of time, held by the currents of thought as it flows beyond the shores of sorrow.

Love Within a World of Uncertainty

It brings forth a smile and a deep sense of being loved within a world of uncertainty and unlimited possibilities of happiness.

Reflections of the Storms We Have Survived

Our vibrant, youthful spirit remains alive behind the fragility of grey, hidden by the lines and scars collected through the wounds of time.

Feel the Presence of Life

Walk the turtle toward your desires of heart. Give yourself completion of purpose by opening the doors of illusion...

The Many Doors of Dreams

We walk the turtle and feel the breath of life caressing our flesh as our infinite journey takes us through the many doors of dreams

The Fabric of Dreams

Woven fabrics of dreams live in depths of emotions that may spin out of control during moments of loneliness...

Vivid Reels of Rewinding Memories

We gather our thoughts during the aftermath of sorrows, struggles, and pain felt during our past experiences...

Be Kind to Yourself

Walk the turtle and be kind to yourself as we grow older each day, remembering the dues we paid and the storms we faced.



3 Secrets of Top Sales Performers

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