Online Opportunities That Can Enrich Your Prospects

It is natural to go out there and seek every opportunity you can find. You may feel this compulsion more strongly today due to the uncertain and restrictive nature the pandemic has had on everyone in the last two years. 

Many of these ‘big breaks’ can be found online. Of course, it has been mandated that people work from home in many places in response to the pandemic. Therefore, it is fair to say that online opportunities have surged recently, with most remote working roles requiring an internet connection. 

However, others have looked beyond the immediate confines of their roles for further digital opportunities. There are other means of making money online and many chances to establish long and bountiful careers. Which online opportunities have the best chance of enriching your prospects? Read on to find out. 

Crypto Investing

Cryptocurrencies are still something of a new and emerging online opportunity. It is important to learn all you can about these digital coins before investing in them. 

Learn how to instantly buy Bitcoin in Canada with Wealthsimple’s app and guidance. You can also purchase and sell Ethereum and over a dozen other cryptocurrencies via their trading platform. They provide a balanced overview of these proceedings, acknowledging that some have lost fortunes while others have become overnight millionaires. Caution is advised with crypto, and they can educate you on how to proceed as safely as possible. 

Their app also charges low fees for buying Bitcoin. Moreover, Wealthsimple also brings together several exchanges for you to peruse through, rather than running one themselves, so that you get the best prices on your cryptos. Comparable services can undoubtedly be found if you are not based in Canada. 

Online Tutoring

Many parents, pupils, and teachers have had education throughout the coronavirus pandemic. A stop-start approach to learning clearly is not feasible. 

In response to these problems, there has been a greater demand for tutors nationwide. If you have an academic background and are suitably qualified, supervising child or adult learning could be a viable remote career path. The mounting interest here should make for a lucrative payday. 

Everyone continues to wrestle with uncertain futures. To help others have a better chance at securing their own could be an enormously rewarding experience. Your work could make a huge difference in people’s lives, improving their prospects alongside your own. 

Your efforts can be tailored here too. For example, the student can set criteria for the type of tutor they want. For instance, they may wish for their tutor to focus on key subjects or have learning disabilities taken into account. You can then refine your services to support a certain kind of learner. 

Business Consulting

If you are experienced in your field, you may wish to teach people the tools of your trade without teaching education curriculums. You can support other professionals by becoming a remote consultant in these instances. 

It is no secret that many industries have struggled and that people are looking for work. Once again, you are helping people to secure their futures, so it is a great opportunity to feel some job satisfaction here. However, more perks come with this type of role. For instance, you can:

  • Set your hours and tailor your schedule to your needs. 
  • Develop your own pricing model for your services.
  • Build a robust professional network from all the contacts you gain. 
  • Engage with different types of people and provide various solutions to their needs. 

As you can see, you may feel a great deal of agency in this type of profession. Moreover, even if you have worked jobs you hated in the past, you can channel those experiences into your consultancy role and make them worth something years later. 

Blogging and Vlogging

Blogging and vlogging are great ways to share your insights more informally, at least compared to consulting. Via this medium, you can inject more of your personality into the content that you create.

Today, people who excel in these fields are called ‘influencers’ and can give other products and services a platform in return for compensation. As your viewerships or readerships build, businesses will want to work with you in marketing their offerings. While advertising anything in the name of a quick buck can seem tempting, it is important to be selective of who you collaborate with to ensure that each thing you promote seems organic to your brand. 

Of course, unless your ego is enormous, you might think it impossible to draw in an audience. However, so long as you provide a unique perspective on important matters, building interest around your content should come easy. It helps to be charismatic and characterful, too, so that you can build a stronger rapport with your audience. 

Try to delve deep into topics that are of genuine interest to you. That way, you can talk extensively about them. Hopefully, these subject matters will also evolve over time, giving you more to discuss as time goes on and thus a steady flow of blogging and vlogging content to put out. 

Proofreading and Editing

If you are tired of creating your own content, you could always review and refine somebody else’s. Working as a remote proofreader and editor can be fulfilling work. 

Content is king in online marketing today, so you can expect the demand for your services to be exceedingly high. If you have an unquenchable work ethic, this could be an excellent profession for you to pursue — especially if you are a perfectionist at heart as well. 

The work of a proofreader and editor is immensely important in shaping the content. You are essentially curating the final version of whatever narrative the copy or media is attempting to convey. Depending on the client’s parameters, you could enjoy a high degree of artistic license here and benefit from collaborative work conditions remotely. 

Additionally, you may be able to work as a content creator alongside your responsibilities here. If you can balance your obligations, you could learn a great deal from the work sent to you. What types of content are people creating? Which subjects are businesses focusing on most? It could be insightful data for you. Of course, you should not plagiarise, but it could inspire the direction of your own eventual efforts. 

Social Media Managing

Every social media website has its dark side. However, some use these websites as resourcefully as originally intended; to build connections and foster meaningful interactions. 

Social media can be a toxic and dangerous place. That said, if you take on a social media manager position, you can play an active role in policing what is shared online and ultimately helping others. Social media managers are curators of important conversations and make both the online and real worlds better for it.

Businesses may need you to facilitate discussions around their brand, products, and services. Your posts can go viral or engage with customers and clients directly to nurture more interpersonal relationships with them online. As you can see, it is a varied role, and results come in many forms. 

Furthermore, there is the obvious perk that you will get to spend a large amount of time on your favourite social media websites. If you are an avid Twitter or Instagram fan, being paid to engage with all the intriguing content there in the name of research might be enough to excite you. 

Creating Online Shops

Some hobbies can be profitable. Reassess what skills you have and see if you can make money from them, even if they appear insignificant at first. 

For example, Etsy stores in Canada experience great success, as people set up their own online shops to sell the goods they have made. Knitters, painters, and many other types of craftspeople often find a professional home here. Remember that many customers gravitate toward wholly unique goods you can offer. Supporting independent creators can give people a buzz that doesn’t come with purchasing goods from a renowned multinational corporation. 

If you are unfamiliar with running a business, creating a small online store can be a great way to get your feet wet first. That way, you can learn the ins and outs of producing and marketing your products. You do not need to quit your day job straight away to make things work, either. Polish your time management skills, and you slowly evolve your priorities should mounting success come your way. 

You may not be particularly confident in your abilities at first. However, you will find your confidence growing as people make a purchase here and there. Be sure to market your store amongst your personal network and on social media, and eventually, you should see interest build. In time, your small online shop can grow into a titan of industry.  


The world is becoming better connected and will continue to throughout 2022 and beyond. Positioning your prospects in the middle of all that change can only mean good things for you. Consider which circumstances above resonate most with you, and do not hesitate to explore them further. Many rewarding online opportunities await!

Photo by Thomas Lefebvre on Unsplash