Who Is Liable After a Truck Accident?

Truck and other commercial vehicle accidents are different from other types of accidents. They involve the primary parties and other parties, such as the driver’s employer, who may bear some responsibility or liability. Once a thorough investigation is done, it may show that one or multiple parties are accountable or liable. Here are some of the parties who may be held liable.

The Driver

A large percentage of accidents involving trucks are due to driver negligence. These negligent behaviours include driving while fatigued, speeding, and distracted driving. While investigations still need to be completed before anyone can be blamed or charged, many drivers still face the possibility of charges being brought against them, possible convictions and even civil liability cases for injury or damage.

The truck driver is also responsible for ensuring their truck and cargo are secure before they start a trip. If the accident is caused by a malfunction in the truck or the cargo not being secured properly, the driver may be held liable. 

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The Trucking Company (Operator)

The operator or the trucking company is responsible for training their drivers, ensuring their trucks can be on the road, and ensuring drivers are okay to drive. They are also expected to check and maintain their trucks and lorries. Failure to do so can lead to accidents, which is why they can be held liable. The operator may also be held liable if records show they cut corners in driver training, vehicle maintenance to cut costs, and other areas.

Truck and Truck Parts Manufacturers

Some accidents have been proven to not be due to negligence by the driver or the operator but due to failure of the truck or its parts. These include phenomena such as brake failure, tyre bursts, steering issues, and coupling system issues. These all fall under the category of defective vehicles or vehicle parts, and the manufacturer or parts maker is liable.

However, for these parties to be held liable, the plaintiff’s lawyers must prove that a failure in maintenance did not cause the failure but rather the part or truck would have failed even if the truck was properly maintained.

When involved in a truck accident, you may want to be compensated, and the person or party liable to be prosecuted. For this to happen, the police have to establish who is responsible for the accident. The parties listed above could be held liable alone or in combination, which usually demonstrates a failure of the whole system and not just the failure of a single party.

Photo by Josiah Farrow on Unsplash