The 4th “No lie can live forever” ~MLK

As I sit here reflecting on the abundance of blessings America received starting with freedom from tyrannical government in 1776, I look at current issues and can’t help but to wonder where in the world we are heading.

La Pulga – The Flea

If you ride and you read this, please take heed. I am certain, both Geane as well as Orly would throw a few punches at anyone today talking cocky and lightly about riding safely.

LEATHER: Safety, Sexuality or Both? ©

Over time, the leather community expanded beyond motorcycle clubs to encompass a diverse range of individuals with varying interests and identities within the BDSM spectrum.

Ride With Your Child

Riding with your child is, to say the very least, an exhilarating and rewarding experience.  Needless to say, it fosters a unique bond between parent and child.

Bowling Gear Essentials: Must-Have Equipment for Every Bowler

This guide will walk you through the must-have bowling gear, from arm sleeves to bowling ball bags, that every bowler should consider adding to their arsenal.


Trever and Stacie’s dual success with Ducati Tampa Bay and Next Ride exemplifies dedication to the world of motorcycles.

Riders Share

Riders Share is motorcycle rentals done right. Sign up, find a ride, and book it, all within 5 minutes. If you already have a motorcycle, you can now profit from your passion!

Boaz Jimenez: Queen of the South

The enigmatic rise and fall of Boaz Jimenez in Queen of the South is a predominant part of a gripping crime drama. It introduces us to the complex character of Boaz Jimenez, also known here as Joseph Thomas Campos

Christian Pawns and Worldly Pagans© Merry Christmas

As we celebrate Christmas, let us not be blinded by the shortcomings of the Church or the world and the hatred that can stem from both views.

Joanna Olsen–Coyote Ugly Unapologetically Self-Empowered©

Joanna's leadership philosophy can be summed up in the ingredients that have made Coyote Ugly a roaring success: Passion, Innovation, Empowerment, Authenticity.



The Family of Funk Kicks off the Soul Party

"The Family of Funk" is beyond just a group of fantastic performers. They are an international composition of artists who bring their multi-cultural backgrounds to the forefront of every performance.