MATT FRASER — America’s Top Psychic Medium


America’s Top Psychic Medium

Matt Fraser in Las Vegas, NV

Friday, July 15, 2022, at 8 PM

Saturday, July 16, 2022, at 8 PM

The Summit Showroom inside the Venetian Hotel

Psychic mediums can connect the physical and spiritual worlds by delivering messages from spirits on the other side. Matt Fraser is “America’s Top Psychic Medium” and best-selling author. From the age of 3 years old, Matt knew he was different. Following is his amazing story, incredible journey, and inspirational message of hope and healing for the living.

NSAEN: Thank you for this opportunity, Matt. Please start by telling us what a psychic medium is?

Matt: A psychic medium is someone who can connect with people that have passed on. There are psychics, and there are mediums, and they are actually two different things. Basically, every medium is psychic, but not every psychic is a medium. Let me explain why. A psychic is someone who picks up on energy. They can tell where that person is going in their life; they can tell who that person is going to marry and what opportunities will come to them in the future. A psychic is almost like the word “fortune teller.” They can tell you what’s going to happen in the future; they can predict things. They get things in the sense of feelings and omens and things like that. I like to call psychics “lifestyle psychics” because that’s basically what they are or “life psychics;” they predict life events where mediums can connect with the other side. A medium will tell you whose with you, who’s watching over you, and can deliver a message if a soul comes through to deliver that message. 

A lot of people ask me, as a medium, can you predict the future? I don’t do that; I don’t predict future events, but what makes me a psychic medium is that there are times when souls will come through from the other side and tell me what’s going to happen in the future. For example, a grandmother might come through that passed away and say, “I see that my daughter is going to have two children,” or “I see that my daughter is going to get married next year.” So that’s what makes me a psychic medium. 

Every medium is different. For example, my grandmother, my mom, and I all have psychic abilities, but each of our gifts and abilities is different. No medium is the same. There are some medical mediums that are only able to read medical events that will happen in a person’s life; there are pet psychics and mediums who strictly connect with pets that have passed on. There are past life psychics who talk about a person’s past lives, and then there are life psychics who talk about future life events, which is what my mom does.

NSAEN: Would your Mom tell you not to go somewhere because it wouldn’t be safe, or not to be friends with a particular person?

Matt: If things came to her like that, absolutely! A lot of it had to do with relationships, too; I remember when I was in high school, she would say, “this person’s really not there for you, that person really doesn’t like you, you think this person is your friend, but they’re not.” That’s just how her ability was.

NSAEN: Your gift must be hereditary since your grandmother was a psychic medium and your mom is psychic?

Matt: A little bit. My grandmother had this gift, and my mom does but what’s weird is my sister doesn’t. It skipped over her and came to me. I like to think of being a psychic or a medium; it’s in your genes. It’s like having red hair for some people; it’s something that comes out; it’s the same thing with ability.

NSAEN: Say you are in a restaurant, and you’re sitting next to somebody, would you be able to tell, for example, if they had something wrong like a thyroid problem? So that’s a psychic that’s not a medium?

Matt: It depends on what type of medium you are. I would say that would be more of a medical medium. But it depends on if there is a soul that comes over and tells me. That’s the only way I get my information. I can’t just pull it out of thin air. Say someone asks me, “Who will my husband be?” That information has to come from somewhere. That information never comes from a psychic or a medium; it has to come from a higher source. For example, for me to know the information that I do, I don’t. I tell people firsthand that I don’t know your life; I don’t know anything about you, but when I connect with your loved ones in spirit, they will tell me certain things about you, certain things that are going to happen, certain things that they see. Because when you think about it, your loved ones are with you every day. Your loved ones walk with you; they know what’s going to happen and the challenges and struggles you’ve been through.

NSAEN: They really are with you every day because I don’t remember any of my loved ones wishing me a Happy Birthday!

Matt: They are with us every day, but even me as a medium, this is the biggest misconception; I don’t talk to my loved ones every day. I talk to them, but do they answer; no, not at all! This is where it really gets misconstrued. Some psychics and mediums tell you, “I can read anybody; anyone that you want,” and that’s not how it works. You can’t pull someone down from Heaven and make them deliver a message. What I have learned is that souls only come through when there is a message they have to deliver. So your dad, your sister, or your brother aren’t going to come down from Heaven and say, “Hey, I just want to let you know I’m fine, have a Happy Birthday. I’m in Heaven sipping martinis, and everything is great up here.” But they will come through if there is really something they need to tell you. Maybe you’re going through a divorce, and you’re at the end of your rope. You’re really having a tough time, you are drained mentally and physically, and you feel like you can’t move ahead. Maybe it’s that your mom is sick, and you’ve been the one who has been taking care of her, watching over her, and you feel completely depleted, so your dad comes through with a sign or a message. Perhaps something is going on with your kids, there’s a health scare, or they’re having issues in school or whatever it may be, and your husband, who has passed, will come through and give you a sign. That’s when the signs come. Signs are messages. So for our loved ones to come through, there has to be a message that’s there that they have to deliver. So to your point, when I’m in a restaurant, I’m not being pulled all around the restaurant; I would never be able to go out, but there are occasions when I go out to a restaurant, and maybe I’ll be sitting down and the bartender from across the room — and this just happened recently — and her fiancé took his life, and while I was there, the moment I sat down, he was there talking to me saying he had to talk to her because she was so distressed because she felt like she caused his passing. I had to stop eating dinner and deliver that message to her. Those are what I call urgent messages that come through when your loved ones in spirit have to come through and tell you something that they would not be able to get to you on their own.

NASEN: Does this happen to you all the time, wherever you go? Is someone always coming in wanting you to deliver a message?

Matt: Sometimes, absolutely, especially if someone passes tragically — absolutely!

NSAEN: That is so kind of you not to get upset when that happens.

Matt: It’s like if you were a doctor and you saw someone on the ground who was choking, would you stop eating dinner to help, or would you get mad at them. You can’t. It’s part of the life I chose; it’s part of the job I chose.

NSAEN:  You hear all the time how upset celebrities get when they are out and about or at a restaurant having dinner and someone wants a picture or an autograph; they get upset about being disturbed. I think it’s wonderful that you always try to help.

Matt: To be honest, this happens to me all the time. People come up to me and ask to take a picture with me, and I never get annoyed with that. I think that as long as you are open with how you approach the situation, is how the situation will go. For example, for me, when that happens, I am very honored that people ask me and think that highly of me that they would like to take a picture with me. I never get upset.

NSAEN: Are the voices from the spirit world talking to you constantly? Are you able to think clearly? How do you deal with that?

Matt: I don’t know how I deal with it, to be honest with you (laughs). Yes, it is a constant thing. I’m always picking up on information. It’s almost like an alertness, but I like to think of it this way; if you break it down into an analogy, it might be easier to understand. You get text messages on your phone, little text messages that pop in throughout the day. You’re still able to do your work, you’re still able to concentrate on your shopping, and you’re still able to drive in a car, but once in a while, you get those little notifications that come up with messages. It’s the same thing for me. I don’t realize that it kind of takes over my life or that it is as big in my life as it is, but there are situations where family members come up to me and say, “What are you getting? I know you’re reading something.” It’s just a part of me. For example, when we were at a 4th of July cookout, my wife’s aunt came over to me, tapped me on the shoulder, and said, “who are you reading right now? You’ve got that glaze on your face; who are you reading?” I was picking up on something. It’s so funny because other people can see, and I don’t even realize I’m doing it.

NSAEN: When did you first realize you were psychic or had this ability. Were you young?

Matt: Yes, when I was 3 years old, I heard and saw the departed but didn’t know it was an ability. I tell people that my grandmother did this and my mom, and right away, people think they do this as their profession, and they absolutely did not. My grandmother was a medium, but she only used her gift for a few small close friends and family members because back in those days, you couldn’t talk about it. She kept it so secret that not even her husband knew that she did this. He had no idea. My mom only knew because my mom grew up that same way. They both kept it a secret and didn’t really talk about it; they kept it so hidden and so secret. Then when I was growing up, I too was sensing and feeling the same thing. I could sense and feel those who had passed away, but it was a scary thing for me. It was like living that movie, The Sixth Sense – “I see dead people” because every time I was alone, the spirit world saw that as an opportunity to come through and to speak to me. It was so scary; it was petrifying for me.

NSAEN: Did you think that was normal, or did you think you were different?

Matt: In the beginning, I thought it was normal. I was convinced that the house was haunted. I used to ask my mom to make us change houses because that’s where I thought it was coming from, and I would tell my friends about it at school and on the playground. I remember being in the first grade and telling some kids around me what I was seeing and experiencing. I was freaking them out to the point that they told their parents, and their parents had conversations with my mom. They asked if everything was okay with me and if I was watching scary movies. So when that all came to light, that’s when I realized I was different, and I had to hide it away. I just wanted to be normal.

NSAEN: You basically answered my next question. I was going to ask if you embraced your gift or did it scare you so much that you tried to push it away.

Matt: So the crazy part is that I pushed it away for years and years, but as I grew up, I always felt a connection to people, like really strong. I felt like I could feel people on a different level, and one of the things is that I always felt a need to help others. So I started my career as an EMT, and I worked at the World Trade Center in Boston for the Security Operations Department, and then; from there, it was around that time that I had just graduated high school, I became an EMT, and I went to see a medium for myself because I wanted to see somebody who was actually using their gift since all my family did was run from it. So I went to see a medium for the first time, and that was when I realized I could do this too. I don’t have to be afraid of it. I can use my gift to deliver messages from those on the other side.

NSAEN: To help and heal people.

Matt: Yes, exactly!

NSAEN: When you hear these messages, is a spirit literally speaking to you, or is it a telepathic form of communication? Do you hear somebody speaking to you in English, or how does it come through exactly?

Matt: What’s important to know is that when souls transition to the other side, they are transitioning into a different world, an energy world. Their world is an energy world. Just like we have two versions of us, we have a physical version which you’re seeing right now, and I’m seeing in you, and then deep within us, we have our soul. So when we pass on, our bodies are left behind, and our soul transitions to the other side. Once that happens, the souls communicate differently, which is why they send us signs, why we get dreams of our loved ones, and why we sense and feel them. To a psychic medium, your loved ones don’t come through and speak full sentences to me. They don’t say to me, “Oh Matt, I’m this person’s mother, and I lived on this street, and I grew up with one; rather, it’s quick bits of information. For example, a lot of times when I’m communicating with the souls, I’ll ask them questions such as how did you pass, and I’ll hear “heart attack.” Then I’ll say what happened to you, and I will feel some of the things that went on. For example, if it was a heart attack, I might feel a sensation in my chest. Or, if somebody passed as a result of circulation issues, I might feel a sensation or tingling in my legs. And then I’ll also see what’s known as visions which are like daydreams. It’s like little glimpses into that person’s life and what happened to that person before they died. If I see a glimpse of an ambulance, I’ll know that person was rushed to the hospital right before they died. If I see a glimpse of hand-holding, I know that person came to say goodbye to the person that I’m reading for, so they use all these symbols, much like signs, to communicate with me, and that’s why I’m able to communicate with people who lived all over the world. I have clients as far away as China and clients as far away as the Philippines; there’s been people from South Africa; all over. People find it so amazing when I am able to communicate with their loved ones when they didn’t speak English in their life. They speak to me in a different way.

NSAEN: So when people come through, say it was a loved one of mine, do you speak English to them like you are speaking to me?

Matt: Absolutely the same way, just in my head.

NSAEN: I understand that you used your psychic gift to reconnect friends and families with the spirits of their loved ones in group meetings through Zoom, and you created these online readings during the Pandemic. Are you still doing that? 

Matt: Absolutely!

NSAEN: How do people reach you to schedule these Zoom calls?

Matt: Right now, we are all booked up through summer, and I think the next Zoom calls are scheduled for October. So during Covid, and this is how it started, which is really cool. When I am doing a reading, when I’m at a live event, the way that my gift works and every medium is different; when I look out into the audience, I feel like it’s almost as if the audience disappears, and I start to see souls standing behind people in the audience. So what’s really cool is that one minute I’ll be talking to somebody in the front row who lost their mom, and the next thing you know, I have to go way up in the balcony because somebody else lost their son. So I have to leave the stage and track down the souls. So what was crazy is that I had my whole tour set up in 2020, and then obviously Covid hit, and that got wiped out. We saw all these cool things happening; these creative things happening, for example, you saw CBS and NBC, and all these television shows that used to be live in studio are all of a sudden broadcasting from home. So my team said, “Matt, what if you could do a reading online, like a live event online.” Mind you, I’ve done private readings by phone and private readings by Zoom, so I wasn’t sure what that meant. They said we just do the same event but online. I asked how that would work, and they said, “We don’t know; how would that work with your gift?” I wasn’t sure, so we decided to give it a try.

So my team came up with the idea to do a Zoom call. Everybody interested signs up. When I looked on my computer screen, people would see me. I had all of these boxes with everyone at home in different parts of the world. We did the first event, and what was really crazy was when I saw someone on the screen, I would also see their loved ones in spirit standing behind them. One minute I could be talking to a family in California that had lost their dad, and the next thing you know, I’m in New Mexico with people who had lost their son. So we started doing this on Zoom, and it’s amazing because literally over a thousand people have gotten readings just through these Zoom events during Covid. These are people I would have never been able to meet without the technology of Zoom. It has been absolutely incredible, so we decided to keep going with the Zoom events in between my tour stops.

NSAEN: On these Zoom calls, say you have 25 people from all over, can I see and hear all of these people?

Matt: It used to be that way, but we changed it because people would get confused over who was coming through, so now we have it where I can see all the people, but the people at home will only be able to see the person that I’m reading for. I can see everybody, but it splits screens. Let’s say I start with “Donna,” Donna would come up on the screen, then I have to move to “Janet” because she has a loved one coming through, then Janet would switch out.

NSAEN: Do you do one-on-one readings on Zoom?

Matt: I do a good majority by phone because a lot of my clients are out of the state and out of the country.

NSAEN: How long is your wait list for private readings?

Matt: I’m booked out for three years; that’s why we do these Zoom readings in between because there were so many people saying they couldn’t get to a show because I wasn’t coming to their area. I have been trying to arrange these Zoom calls so people can attend the group event.

NSAEN: I wanted to ask you about your reality show “Meet the Frasers,” are you going to have another season?

Matt: So when Covid happened, we got screwed (laughs). As you know, television shut down. So we are not coming back on E! Entertainment, but we are coming back on a different network.

NSAEN: We are very excited that you are coming to the Venetian in Las Vegas on July 15 and 16, so people can buy tickets to see you live. Tell me about the show, what kind of format is it?

Matt: It’s exactly like you see me give readings on television, but let me tell you this secret, and I say this all the time, but nobody wants to believe me. The secret is that it does not matter where you sit. Because if you’re there, your loved ones are there. It amazes me every single time; it goes from being an empty room when I’m doing a sound check to being a room filled with souls the moment that people start to enter the room. Because when you’re there, you bring your loved ones with you. What’s so crazy is that, during that event, I try to do as many readings as possible, but I never know whose will come through. For example, I just got back from Texas; there were three back-to-back shows – Houston, Dallas, and Ft. Worth – but every night was different. One night might be super sad because there are a lot of tragedies that have happened; a lot of young children that passed, another night could be uplifting because you have souls that come through who lived amazing lives, and the next night could be humorous because you have souls coming through who have a lot of personality. So it’s really cool because I never know what to expect, and that’s why I get just as excited as the person I’m reading for; I’m getting to hear the message for the first time while that person is.

NSAEN: Do people really think if they sit in the front row, they have a better chance of their loved one coming through? I guess I can see how they might think that, but after you explained it, it makes sense why it wouldn’t make a difference.

Matt: I think the saddest thing is when someone says to me, and this has happened so many times, “Matt, I didn’t get tickets to your Detroit event because the seats were up in the balcony, and there’s no way in Hell my loved one is going to come through; there’s no way he’s going to come up there.” Then I hear, “my friend got a reading, and I was supposed to be there that night. She offered me the seat next to her, and I didn’t take it.” I told her she should have come, and she said, “I thought you needed a front row seat.” I tell people, remember, spirit never checks your Visa card statements. This happens all the time. Somebody might want to come to the show because they want to hear from their dad, so they buy a whole row of tickets and their friends come with them, but instead, their friend’s dad or daughter comes through with a message. Now the person who bought the tickets says, “Hey, wait a minute, I don’t understand; I’m the one who bought the ticket. This should be my reading.” I tell them your loved one doesn’t care; nobody checked your Mastercard or Visa Card to see who bought the tickets. 

NSAEN: How many people do you think you read each year.

Matt: I would say 700 – 1,000 people.

NSAEN: Are you exhausted after the readings; it must take a lot out of you emotionally? It must be so draining.

Matt: It is so draining. What people don’t see is that after these events, I am done. It feels like being hit by a car. I have a crazy headache. It takes all of your body to deliver these messages. I know I had a really good show; I know I had a really good event the worse that I feel at the end of it. Because at the end of the show, you want to leave your energy on stage. So when I’m out there, I use every bit of energy I have to ensure I reach as many people as possible and deliver as many messages as possible. That is what is so important.

NSAEN: What should people expect from a reading with you?

Matt: You have to be open because you never know who will come through.

NSAEN: So my friend bought me your book, When Heaven Calls – Life lessons from America’s Top Psychic Medium, and it’s wonderful! When is your new book, We Never Die, Secrets of the Afterlife – can you tell us what that is about and when it will be released.  

Matt: It will be out on August 22. So all through Covid, people were coming to me as I’ve never seen. I mean, people were scared! They were petrified! Think about it; nobody really thinks about death and dying. Even people my age because you don’t think about death and dying until you lose somebody your age. When you lose somebody your age, and people start passing around your age, or you lose somebody significant in your life, that’s the only time you really think about it. But then, when the Pandemic happened, with so many people passing and so many people leaving this world, no one was off-limits to Covid. Anybody could have died at any time. That’s when so many people came to me, and they were in fear. The questions were from “Matt, what happens when you die,” and “Matt, my loved one just passed, and I didn’t get to say goodbye to “Matt, what happens if I didn’t believe in God? What happens if someone passed of suicide?” We saw it all through the Pandemic; people passed of suicide, and people passed of overdoses. There were people we didn’t get to say goodbye to, people that we got into a fight with, and we never got to resolve things. All these questions were coming in, and there were so many people that needed healing and needed to know the answer. So as these questions came in, I started writing back to all these people. I realized this would help so many people to talk about these questions. These are things that other psychics and mediums won’t talk about. So I sat down and took all the questions that everybody asked me throughout the Pandemic, and I wrote this book called We Never Die, Secrets of the Afterlife. 

So in this book, there are all these questions, for example, miscarried babies, what happens to them on the other side? Who are my spirit guides? What is the official religion in Heaven? What about our loved ones? Do they worry about us in Heaven? What does Heaven look like? Is there psychic ability, is it hereditary? Can I train to be a medium? They also talk about what happens if you’ve been married multiple times; who do you end up with in Heaven when you pass on? What if you pass before meeting your soulmate, then what? So I took all of these questions and more, and I wrote this book about it, and what I like about it is that if you don’t like a section or it doesn’t pertain to you, you can skip over it. But there are all of these questions with all of the answers. I wanted this to be a book like no other. What I tell people about this book is, take what you want and leave the rest. If you don’t agree with something, if it doesn’t sit true to you or your religion, don’t read it; move on to the next section.

Everything I wrote here, because I’ve never died, I don’t know what it’s like to die; I just know what the spirits tell me, but everything in here is what I have learned from the conversations I’ve had with the spirit world. When souls have passed on, they’ve told me so much about death and dying and leaving this world.

What’s really cool about this book, too, is that Jenny McCarthy and Gloria Estefan endorsed it. One year after my reality television series, Jenny McCarthy had me on her radio show, and we immediately clicked. Since then, I have given readings to her and her husband, Donny Wahlberg, and then from there, Hollywood is just a small place. People started hearing about me. Gloria Estefan had me over to her house in Miami, and I read for her and her family. Then, Karamo Brown, I read for as well. When I was coming out with this new book, I sent them a copy and asked what they thought about it, and they loved it, so I asked if they would mind giving me an endorsement for it, and they said absolutely.

NSAEN: What is the most exciting part of this journey for you so far?

Matt: It’s meeting the people that I meet every day. It’s amazing to me because the people I’ve met on this journey, and I’m not talking about the people in the industry; I’m talking about the fans and followers to me aren’t fans and followers; they are family. It’s absolutely incredible because when I meet them, they become such a part of me and my wife’s life, to the point now we’re expecting our first child, and every day there are — and I don’t even know how to describe it, because I don’t feel like I deserve any this — but every day there are gifts at the door from people who have made us homemade pillows, Afghans, and blankets, saying I thought about you and the baby and I wanted to send this. From all over the world, Australia, from Canada, all over, and it’s unbelievable. 

Then what’s so amazing is that I always remember everything; they send a card, I keep it. I keep everything that people send me. And then what is amazing is that a couple of months might go by, and the next thing you know, I meet them face-to-face at an event. I won’t know who they are, but at the end, they’ll come up to me and say I sent you such and such, or “you have no idea, but you connected me with my mom, and I just wanted to let you know that after all these years I’ve been thinking about you and here’s something for the baby.” It’s making those connections; it’s just so amazing. My fans and followers are the ones that keep me going; they keep me thriving. If you look at my Facebook page, people in the industry and the celebrities that I read for always want to know how come the people on my Facebook page are so positive — right now, I have over one million followers — they say you have no negativity, you don’t have any trolls, you have no negative people — and that’s just not true, there are definitely trolls and negative people, you can’t escape them, but I will tell you 99% of the people who are on there are amazing, they’re all people that believe in what I believe in and that is, that we truly never die. We truly just transition on. So, it’s been an amazing place, and I love that my Facebook has become that because when my grandmother was alive, you couldn’t talk about this. You couldn’t talk about being psychic, being a medium, and connecting with the other side. You couldn’t talk about receiving signs. And being so young, being a young child, the one thing that I wish, because people say to me, “Matt, what would you do differently?” There’s nothing I could do differently, but there’s one thing I wish; the one thing is I wish that I knew somebody psychic when I was a little kid. I wish there had been another child like me that I could have learned about my gift with so I did not feel so afraid and so alone.

NSAEN: So how did you learn how to understand it and not feel so afraid?

Matt: It wasn’t until later on; it was years until I was 20 years old.

NSAEN: All those years? From 3 years old until you were 20, you pushed it away.

Matt: Yes, all those years I pushed it away. I mean, it never truly went away. But it wasn’t until I saw that medium that changed my life. Going back, I just wish that I had more people like me. I wish my grandmother had that too. Today, thank God, it is a different day and age. We have television shows like mine. We have other reality shows with other mediums, we have other TV shows and daytime talk shows where they talk about the afterlife, and they validate the things that other people experience and see, and that’s why I love my Facebook page so much because I feel like it’s a safe place for everybody to go and talk about what they have experienced. And I think that the more we talk about this, the more we talk about what we experienced in our own lives; we all understand Heaven in a different way.

NSAEN: How do you deal with skeptics and critics, or do you?

Matt: I love the skeptical ones; I absolutely love them. They may not like me, but I like them. And the thing is that I think that everybody walks into an event a skeptic, and I don’t blame them. Everyone wants to know if this is real. I think you would be crazy to take someone’s advice, to take someone’s word that they speak to the dead; I really do. So, the thing is that I know that people are skeptical of this, and not everybody believes, and that’s the fun part. The fun part is meeting someone for the first time who doesn’t believe, who doesn’t want to believe in Heaven and the afterlife and delivering a message that completely changes their life. 

NSAEN: That must blow them away.

Matt: It does, and it’s an experience for all of us. There was a reading that I did a couple of years back; it’s on my YouTube page. It was a reading for Michael Clayton. He used to be in the NFL, and he had a TV talk show in Tampa, and they invited me on. It’s actually funny because, in the beginning, he did not want me on. He kept saying he didn’t want a medium; I don’t want someone like that on this program; I don’t believe in it. I still went on the show, and I gave him a reading on live television which completely blew him away. The video got posted to YouTube, and all of a sudden, it started climbing — one million, two million, three million views. It was crazy because that one reading changed the lives of so many people. People still talk about it today with me. They say, “Matt, I didn’t believe, and then I saw this person and related with them, and you gave them that reading, and it led me on my own journey to discover if there was Heaven in the afterlife.” That’s what I love; I love when one person can walk in a skeptic and leave a believer. 

Many people walk in knowing that their loved ones are with them. For example, you said you get pissed when you don’t get signs from your loved ones, but then again, you might get pissed, but you know they’re there. You know there’s another side, that there is an afterlife.

NSAEN: Yes, I totally believe in that.

Matt: I do too. Let me tell you this; I could not do what I do; I could not live my life here in this world if I did not know there was an afterlife. I’m telling you that right now because every day I’m in a good mood. Why? Because I know that the people I love are right here with me. I know that my grandmother is with me, I know that my grandfather is with me, and I know that my pets that have passed are right here with me. Still, the saddest thing in the world, and this is the reason why I have a special place in my heart for skeptics and non-believers, is I can’t believe; I can’t even fathom in my head what it would be like thinking that your loved ones aren’t there.

NSAEN: Thank you so much, Matt, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. It has been such a pleasure, and I can’t wait to have this published for our readers.