World Micro Summit 2021 in Las Vegas

World Micro Summit in Las Vegas with 65 Nations Participating So Far

MICRO SUMMIT 2021 to see world leaders gather in Las Vegas.  

Update- 65 world leaders have now committed to be at MicroSummit 2021  

WESTERN ARMENIA GOVERNMENT IN EXILE latest to commit to attend.

Formed in February 2011 in Paris, France, The Western Government in exile will educate MicroSummit 2021 about The Treaty of Sèvres; which supersedes the Lausanne Treaty and encompasses what is sometimes called ‘Wilsonian Armenia’ as it was signed by representatives of the Ottoman Empire. Turkey is bound to the Treaty as a successor of the Ottoman Empire and is enforceable. The Treaty of Sèvres, signed by representatives of the Ottoman Empire  agreed to submit the border question frontier to US president Wilson who issued the award in November 1920. Per Article 89 of Treaty of Sèvres, in the Lausanne Treaty of 1923, the borders are not mentioned in the text as they had already been determined in arbitration by US President Woodrow Wilson. The award was governed by International Law and is final and cannot be appealed. The Western Armenia exhibit will also provide information about the Armenian Genocide crimes by Turkey.

Republic of Minerva, two reefs outside the international boundaries of any nation, with its own lighthouse in the south Pacific, declaring independence in 1972 will be attending MicroSummit 2021. The Kingdom of FREEDONIA which has Groucho Marx as honorary Kingaloog with the Manchukuo Government in exile also will be attending.

Ruritania Flag

Micro Summit 2021 will be held at the Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton Tropicana July 16-18, 2021, and world leaders from 65 nations are now already committed to participating in the event. The first international Micro Summit was held in August 2003 at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki, Finland.

Sultanate of M Simbati Palace

The event will be open, free, to ladies and gentlemen of the public. This will be an outstanding event to be hosted every two years in Las Vegas by Stan Vaughan, King of Ourania. Any Micronation country is encouraged to attend.

Who knew that there were that many micronations around the world?

Pontinha Fort Sao Jose

For further information visit the MicroSummit 2021 Facebook Group page.