3 Benefits of Selling With an Agent

You’ve finally decided to sell your home. Parting can be such sweet sorrow! But once you’ve made up your mind, you want nothing more than for your home to sell quickly and for a good price.

That’s why we should work together.

Having an experienced local real estate agent by your side from listing to closing can pay off — literally. Here are a few reasons why working with an agent can make all the difference when you’re ready to sell:

We have a deep understanding of the market. Maybe you sold a home five years ago. Well, at that time, the market has changed significantly.

Working with an agent can help you make the most of today’s market. Plus, I intimately know how the market works, and I’m up-to-date on pricing patterns and trends in the area.

We’ve got access to insider marketing tools. You may expect that finding viable buyers will be tough. But real estate agents have access to marketing materials that can help you connect with buyers quickly and effectively, like multiple listing services (MLS), which are used to share listings.

I can also host an open house and spread the word about your home offline.

We know the best ways to handle buyer’s offers. Fielding offers can be overwhelming. How should you conduct negotiations? When should you accept an offer? What kind of counteroffer is reasonable?

Lucky for you, we’ve seen it all before, so you don’t have to go it alone. We can discuss your hopes, worries and everything in between throughout the selling process.

Ready to start marketing your home to qualified buyers? Get in touch today.

Nicole Kasten

Licensed Broker Associate