3 Must-Have Features in Educational Apps

The 21st century as it relates to technology has made extreme changes in almost all industries. The essence of this positive transformation has been the evolution of mobile applications and smartphones. You must have already heard about kids learning apps and digital education. Due to this global pandemic, classroom teaching has witnessed extreme change. This evolution has made it smarter with no more monotonous and tiresome blackboard and chalk routines. 

Nowadays, education is not restricted to schools, colleges, or universities, but the reach of knowledge has damaged the bonds to adopt modern technology. Now it has become possible for people to learn anything, anywhere, and at any time. It is all made possible because of the best educational apps, as they provide an exciting opportunity for learners. On the other hand, the education system is turning out to be a profitable business field for both app developers and entrepreneurs. The research report states that the best education apps market in the US is likely to witness a growth rate of about 6% during 2016-2020. 

Statista also states that the global mobile education market has increased to 37.8 billion in 2020, which was only $3.4 billion in 2011. Thus, these facts and figures make us understand the importance of educational apps. Along with app development, choosing an appropriate set of education app features is also necessary as the apps and features of kids learning apps need to be effective and user-friendly. A top mobile application development agency with previous experience developing an education app can help you choose the appropriate set of features. 

Benefits of Mobile Education Apps

There are various benefits of educational apps for students, teachers, parents, and other learners:

  • Students find it easy to use kids learning apps as they are effortless to manage. In addition to that, most of these apps and features can be downloaded for free, making it economical. 
  • The e-learning app features ready-made solutions to educational problems. Thus, students get direct access to math problems or simplified solutions for complex concepts of physics/chemistry and many more. The study and research also stated that about 63% of the students prefer studying via the best educational apps. 
  • These educational app features benefit learners and provide tutors with easy tips to teach a particular topic or subject. 
  • These apps and features provide students with the facility to interact with their friends and teaching faculty. 
  • It also makes studying easy, stress-free, and exciting. Here, learners get a platform where they can effortlessly take advantage of every learning opportunity. 

Must-Have Educational App Features 

You might be wondering what makes a good app? The features integrated into any app can make it a good or a bad app. The best suggestion to improve educational mobile apps is to incorporate the features that fulfill the needs of your end-users. Here we have listed some must-have educational app features: 

  1. Live Tutorials and Interactive Sessions with Tutors

A student can learn a lot on their own. Some of the students have the actual capability to grasp everything fast and can understand all of it independently. On the other hand, some students are not as bright and need someone to guide them through some complicated topics; so you need to ensure that you don’t leave them hanging. Thus, provide an education app feature that will allow your students to join in on live sessions and practicals with actual tutors. These tutors can guide them through the process and always have back and forth ideas and information to share with them. You should also provide users with access to book a private teaching session with the tutor as per their preferred time. Here they can ask their personal questions without being worried about others in the group. Integrating live tutorial features can be one of the best suggestions to improve educational mobile apps. 

  1. Regular Practice & Mock Tests

Regular practice and mock tests are also significant e-learning app features. It is essential to incorporate weekly mock test assessments in kids learning apps. These timely tests and reviews help to understand the student’s level of understanding and growth. It also provides them with reports of their level of preparation and their weaknesses. With this education app feature, students will gain insights about where they should put more effort and time. Tutors can shoot random questions to students and then link those questions to the external scoreboard. This will motivate students to work hard on their learnings. 

  1. Attendance Management

Attendance management is also one of the significant education app features. It makes it easy to manage and mark the attendance for both the students as well as teachers. With the help of this e-learning app feature, the teacher can refer to the attendance of the whole class in one go or search for the attendance of a specific student for a particular month. If you don’t have an automated system, teachers can also mark the attendance from the app in less than 60 seconds. It saves a lot of time and effort for both students and teachers. 

The list of some crucial educational app features are as follows:

  • Database that stores data and valid information. 
  • Track progress report. 
  • Various types of content. 
  • Social options. 
  • Seamless user-interface. 
  • Multi-lingual. 
  • Artificial intelligence. 
  • Video tutorials. 
  • Student/parent dashboard. 
  • Provide with the offline course and many more. 


Undoubtedly, the education system is getting more advanced and has traveled a long journey to become digitized. There are several benefits of educational apps, but along with them, there are various limitations of educational mobile apps as well. So while you develop kids learning apps, make sure the apps and features have more benefits and fewer limitations. 

With every passing day, more and more students and teachers are getting attached to the best educational apps. Nowadays, knowledge is limited to books and material, but its collaboration with technology has brought new evolution globally. Therefore, if you are thinking about developing an e-learning app, this is the best time to contact a top mobile application development agency. They understand educational apps and can help you develop an effective, profit-making, and user-friendly education app.