4 Main Benefits of Argan Oil For Rosacea

Millions of people suffer from the chronic skin condition that we call rosacea. There might be various types of rosacea. But it’s usually characterized by swollen blood vessels, redness on the face, hot skin, and sometimes red bumps. Fortunately, it’s possible to control these symptoms by using argan oil for rosacea

There is actually more than one benefit you can avail from argan oil when you use it for rosacea. Let’s discuss them one by one: 

1. Gives Omega Fatty Acids

Our bodies can’t produce omega fatty acids on their own. But we need them for maintaining our health and fighting off various modern diseases. With argan oil, you can get a decent amount of these nutrients. This will help you get healthy, glowing skin even if you suffer from rosacea. 

With these fatty acids, argan oil also possesses excellent moisturizing and anti-inflammatory qualities. Both of these are necessary for managing skin conditions, especially rosacea. Linoleic acid is crucial in this department, as it can easily soothe skin inflammation. Omega-9 fatty acids contain oleic acid, which helps other topical treatments to become more permeable and effective. 

2. Possesses A High Concentration Of Vitamin E

There’s a large dose of Vitamin E in each bottle of pure argan oil. Vitamin E is a powerful kind of antioxidant and can help in protecting your skin from free radical damage. Rosacea comes under this umbrella as well. 

Plus, Vitamin E also has anti-aging effects. This makes it a favorite ingredient in many beauty products. But they might not all be suitable for rosacea patients. That’s why such people should make use of argan oil. It’s a gentle option for that sensitive, inflamed skin. 

3. Provides Healing Properties

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

Argan oil fights both inflammation and oxidative damage, which means that it can reduce the appearance of rosacea symptoms. While it might help if you apply the oil right on the affected areas, rosacea patients might see a better result if they take argan oil in the form of oral supplements. 

Another great way to use argan oil for rosacea is to take five tablespoons of the oil and add two more oils to it. These will be lavender oil (five drops) and tea tree oil (one drop). Mix this up and apply the combination to your rosacea flare-ups. The result will be effective almost immediately. 

You can maximize the benefit by applying this mixture at night just before going to bed. However, you shouldn’t apply this to the skin more than once each day. Sleeping after applying this mixture will help you get the most healing benefits from it. 

4. It’s A Natural Remedy

As long as you’re not allergic to argan oil, this natural remedy is a great way to treat rosacea and other sensitive skin conditions. Synthetic products or supplements might have unwanted side effects of their own, and you don’t want to deal with additional problems. 

With pure and organic argan oil, you know that there are little to no chances of harmful side effects. There are several subtypes of rosacea. But with a natural remedy, you don’t have to worry about the different results. Argan oil will help in subsiding the symptoms of each kind. 

The Takeaway

There isn’t much we can do to explain the cause of rosacea. However, it usually occurs in people above 30 and those who have a fair complexion. Luckily, argan oil is easy to find and an excellent way to control your skin even with such a condition. Make sure you get the pure, organic kind, and always conduct a patch test first.

*Top image by Annillart from Pixabay