5 Ways to Decorate With Bohemian Style

You might not be able to travel the world right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your space with colors, patterns, and other elements from around the globe.

Thanks to the rise of bohemian design, achieving an international feel is probably a lot easier than it seems.

Want an eclectic look — no matter what your budget looks like? Here’s how to achieve that boho aesthetic in no time:

  1. Focus on natural touches. Boho is all about connecting to nature. That might mean some succulents on the windowsill, accents made of plant materials or furnishings of wood and wicker.
  2. Bring in bold patterns and accents. You can’t channel a boho look without having that one statement piece. Work in a large, patterned rug among more muted tones, or add a colorful accent piece in a sea of neutral decor.
  3. Let your textiles go beyond flooring. Rugs and blankets aren’t the only fabric you’ll find in bohemian design. Use tapestries and woven fabrics for wall hangings, canopies and more.
  4. Add some vintage elements. Blending old and new is the epitome of boho. Mix flea market artwork and thrift shop antiques with brand-new furnishings and modern decor.
  5. Lighten things up. Overhead lighting only goes so far. If you’re aiming for bohemian style, you’ll need plenty of natural light — plus string lights or other lighting accents for after hours.

Boho can fit almost any home, but if you’re looking to move on to a new property, get in touch today.