An Opportunity Realized in the Face of Adversity

Reno, NV, April 22, 2021: Authors seeking to be published often face a long journey and many rejections before they get the nod and a publishing deal. LeRue Press is proud to announce the release of Opportunity in Disguise: How I Defeated Adversity by author, motivational speaker, educator, and the man who helps bring parents and teens out of the darkness in overcoming struggles, Marc Hoberman.

Hoberman, who was diagnosed with epilepsy in his teens, has not allowed it to define who he is. His book is aimed at teens and parents as they navigate difficulties from illnesses, anxiety, academics, and more in a tumultuous world. Hoberman’s heartfelt recommendations and guidance come from experience and years of conflict in his own life. His resilience and determination are an inspiration to everyone who meets him.

Barbara Niven, actress, producer, speaker, and media advisor said in a review of Opportunity in Disguise, “I have known Marc Hoberman as a brilliant speaker and student advocate, but I never knew that he also deals with epilepsy. This book was a revelation in learning how to out-create whatever struggles we are given and turn them into gifts.

For additional information contact: Janice Hermsen, or 775.849.3814.


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