Chachi Versace: Ferocious Healing Fatherhood®

Chachi Versace

Ferocious Healing Fatherhood®

by: Florida Night Train


Beyond the intense battles within the MMA cage, Greg Gonzales aka “Chachi Versace” born February 2, 1988, is fueled with the only inspiration that matters—Lexi, his 4-year-old daughter. His relationship with his daughter exemplifies the strength and compassion that define this remarkable fighter outside the octagon. Versace is not just a warrior in the world of mixed martial arts; he is a role model, a provider, and a source of unwavering support for his child. Lexi had very complex health issues at birth and still does. Versace literally saw her flatline a few times in the hospital. While watching MMA fights on the tube laying by her side, he saw Lexi’s excitement and was triggered with a calling to enter the ring. As a former military service member, Versace already had experience fighting for our freedom. “She fights for her life, I will fight for her,” Versace told me. I could feel the fierce intensity in his voice.

At that time, Versace had a less than desirable job in a highly toxic environment feeling unappreciated and depressed. He set to change course from not-so-good decisions and being a victim to managing and controlling his life with one intent—to be a victor and honor Lexi. Following that contagious inspiration, many rallied by his side. To name a few, his girlfriend Taylor, pregnant with his second child; Fran Haasch and Rhett Jones of; Editor of Tony Cianci; owner of Venom Custom Choppers, Minh Mai; and Bert King of

By the time this editorial will be published, Chachi will have fought his fourth fight out of five towards his qualification as a pro MMA fighter. Scheduled to take place in Miami Dade Fairground August 24, 2023, under the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship agency (, Chachi is determined to take the prize and has good reasons to be confident. He is currently coached by Frankie Miguel, Chief Coach of Florida Boxing Academy.

Chachi understands the importance of balancing his demanding career as an MMA fighter with the responsibilities of parenthood. Despite the grueling training sessions, long hours at the gym, and the sacrifices required to excel in his sport, he always finds time for his family.

One of the most beautiful aspects of Chachi’s relationship with his daughter is the way he instills in her the values he has learned from his own journey in MMA—hard work, discipline, determination, and the ability to overcome obstacles. If you ask him, she teaches him more than he teaches her. Chachi doesn’t just talk about these values, he demonstrates them through his actions. “Why,” I asked?  “I was battling depression and other issues. I want to raise awareness and inspire others to fight their fight and truly live their lives,” he said. Chachi serves as a living example that dreams can be pursued and achieved with the right mindset and especially with the right motives.

Beyond the tangible lessons, Versace’s unconditional love and support create an atmosphere of trust and comfort for his daughter. She knows that her father is there for her, cheering her on in every aspect of her life, and that she can rely on him for guidance and encouragement. This sense of security lays the foundation for her confidence and self-esteem, knowing that she has a strong and loving father in her corner. Does Lexi ever go to his fights? She does. Versace recalls at one point taking a beating during a fight—blood in the face, exhausted lungs, weak legs. One look through the cage, captured by his daughter gazing at him still admiring her dad, he rose Hulk Hogan style to defeat his opponent.

In the end, Chachi Versace’s relationship with his daughter showcases the true essence of this MMA fighter. He is not defined solely by his victories in the cage but by the love, dedication, and positive influence he brings to his family’s life and his friends. Chachi is a fighter, a father, and an inspirational role model, proving that a fighter’s heart extends far beyond the arena and into the hearts of those he cares for most.


I have not yet had the privilege of witnessing Versace’s skills in the octagon; however, I have been on this earth long enough though to know he is probably looked upon by many as an underdog—fair enough. But I will tell you this, do not ever underestimate the power of a father’s love. It will destroy everything on its path, the visible and the invisible. I know firsthand. I will pay close attention and support him in every way I can because of his “why”. I encourage you to do the same and reach out to Versace at or IG Chachi Versace.

Chachi is a symbol of resilience, a beacon of hope for aspiring athletes, and a force to be reckoned with. Chachi isn’t just a fighter, he’s an artist painting his canvas. With every punch, every submission, and every grueling training session, Chachi has transformed himself into a living testament to the power of hard work and dedication. His journey, much like the fights he engages in, has been a rollercoaster of triumphs and setbacks but through it all, he has emerged stronger and hungrier than ever. He possesses the heart of a lion, never backing down from a challenge and always pushing himself to the limits. It’s this unwavering belief in himself that has allowed Chachi to rise from the ashes of defeat, turning setbacks into stepping stones on his path to living his dream.

Outside the cage, Chachi is a role model and a true ambassador for the sport. He understands that the sport is not just about the individual but about the community it fosters, the camaraderie among fighters, and the respect shared between them. As I write this, I just found out our fighter is also involved with community counselors—engaging with youth through speaking engagements on growing up using healthy coping methods.

As the MMA universe continues to evolve, Chachi Versace, I believe will one day quite possibly stand at the forefront. A rising star whose light shines brighter with every fight. His determination, his skills, and his love for Lexi make him a true champion in the making. The world is watching as he continues to etch his name in the annals of MMA history. Chachi Versace is not just a fighter; he is a force of nature bigger than himself and his story is only just beginning.

Source and photos: Chachi Versace, BKFC, web.