Kassi Beach House at Virgin Hotels

I spent Wednesday night at Virgin Hotels and the all new Kassi Beach House overlooking the pool. Vegas is always happening and for years, Virgin Hotels has had and continues to have some of the best pools, restaurants, and shows in their two showrooms. They offer free parking which is now a great bonus in Las Vegas. So, Vegas Vibe magazine hit another score by inviting all of us media and concierge to check out the place. P.S. I had already been there before—low tables, with kinds of a Polynesian look. 

We started with hot, giant bread bowls so to speak, with three different types of hummus, spicy radishes, and tomatoes. Their pizzas were great—very thin, piping hot served on trays. We had a delicious Vodka and then a Tequila drink, and lots of music.  

Long, low benches and barstools at the bar so you can get comfortable wherever you want to sit. The long couches can accommodate any size group. The bar holds about 14 and we started there with a tasty drink and the first of appetizers—meatballs and stuffed olives.  Sitting by the pool, which of course in the coming months will needs lots of fans to keep us cool, the patrons were all happy to see this new place with quite a varied menu.  

Never forget to pick up a free copy of the Vegas Vibe magazine no matter what hotel you are staying at for ideas on restaurants and things to do. Almost every show is featured in the small pocket size book. Hats off to them. Until my next article, always go to the Las Vegas section of NSAEN.