Morning Musings – 90 Days of Inspiration: Day 2


The Seed

A seed…
Is nothing more and nothing less,
It just is.
No movement, no growth, no action.

When one is planted,
Into the earthly soil
It has the opportunity
To become something else.

Nurtured by the sun, water and fertilized
There is a magical change.
The seed now can grow.

The darkness of the underside of the surface,
Roots take hold and
Now there is life to the seed.

Is a germination period,
Upon which the seed sprouts
To become what it is
Meant to be.

A tree or a flower, or maybe
Something unique.
It could be a plant or a vegetable.

Time, the roots get stronger,
The seed evolves into its purpose,
And it suddenly bursts through into the light.

The seed has matured,
Having gone through the process
Of growth.

Weathers the storms,
Embraces the world around it,
And strives to stay alive, thriving and healthy.

The seed of life is a universal symbol of creation, starting from a thought.

A thought…
Is nothing more and nothing less,
It just is.
No movement, no growth, no action.

When an emotion
Is attached to a thought,
Action is then taken.

A thought is nurtured,
Whether it is a positive thought or
A negative thought,
There will be a cause and effect.
Is it a valuable nutrient or is it a weed?

The moments, hours, days, weeks and years
Following a thought,
There is momentum.

The thought is changed.
Upon which, a new direction is forged.
A new beginning has arrived.

New choices can be made.
Nurturing the new thinking,
Can bring about higher awareness.

With the old, in with the new.
Not stuck, but in the flow.
At peace, with wisdom of the ages.

A transformation occurs,
One that elevates to higher heights.
A renewed you, with insight like the owl
And discernment like the hawk.

The life traveler knows his/her path,
Tapping into their inner compass
For guidance.
The trials & tribulations,
The joys and sorrows,
The knowledge and unknown,
Of what is yet to come.

The way of the seer,
Who takes a step back,
And appreciates the intricate
Web of life.

*This article was previously published on and is republished here with permission.