Nostalgia, History, and the Best Food in All of Las Vegas

Nostalgia, history, and the best food in all of Las Vegas—Piero’s!!!!!

Every single time you get all three, plus more, wrapped up together when you walk into this 40-year-old establishment. The history of Piero’s is incredible. Probably every mobster that ever came to Vegas, and trust me, they all came, dined here numerous times. Every movie star that stopped in town dined here, and why not? There are multiple rooms all with their own history and photos of yesteryear. 

I have lived here 40 years and I can’t count the times I have loved coming to the place. I wrote an article before that I had dined with numerous Teamsters officials from Chicago, a few local celebrities, and the boxing legend Ken Norton here over the years.

Well, once again my guy and myself along with other media writers were invited for one of our highlights of the year. We started out with wine and drinks at a private table in the back room, very private. The first course out was a huge seafood platter with crab claws, giant shrimp, oysters, and mussels with five different dipping sauces—beautiful spread. A fantastic Romaine salad, for which they are well known—super crisp and delicious, along with a plate of marinated tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella cheese. A lovely plate of crisp calamari and sauce, along with hot and tasty fresh tortellini were next.

I’m telling you the owner, Freddie, and his son Evan Glusman are the premier owners and hosts here since the beginning. They have seen and done it all with their fantastic food.

White penne pasta was next and then giant meatballs. Each one could feed three persons. Halibut, cooked to the exact temperature, could have fed four. Here we dine family style, one giant dish for every four people. A huge piece of veal was next on the agenda, which was absolutely fantastic. Now, Piero’s is also known for the Osso Buco and they didn’t fail us with another large platter and plenty of noodles. At this point we had been there 2:45 minutes.

Everyone that has seen the movie Casino has seen the inside of Piero’s, as that is where all the restaurant scenes were filmed. And then, of course, all the stars dined there night after night.

They are located on Convention Center Drive one block from the Convention Center. Valet Parking. Absolutely do not miss coming here.