Piff–Unusual Show with a Dragon!

Boy, does this dragon have humor. I was invited to the 1500th performance of Piff The Magic Dragon at the Flamingo Las Vegas this week. Piff and his humorous Mr. Piffles chihuahua performed supremely! 

Piff is from London and has their quaint humor. He performed on America’s Talent, lost, but became a huge celebrity in Las Vegas. He has had over 750,000 views on his YouTube page this year. Mr. Piffles has been with him since the beginning and is now 16 years old.  

The famous Wayne Newton actually sang happy birthday to him at the performance. Mr. Piffles also received a key to the city. Piff’s sidekick is Jade Simone as the Showgirl, lighting up the room with her humor. He appeared on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us show in 2011. Piff is represented by Stabile Productions, consisting of husband and wife duo, Angela and Matt Stabile, master producers of other shows including X Burlesque also in the Flamingo.  Don’t miss, very child friendly.

*Photo credits: Christopher Vargas