Black Rose

By Florida Night Train


The meaning of black roses varies from death, mourning and tragedy, to a rebirth or a major change. It can also represent optimism and hope or eternal love. Black roses are rare. The growing process is very complex and lengthy, taking up to more than a year.

I want to introduce you to a “black rose”, “SavageBMWBarbie” (Ashley). Having seen Ashley’s feed on social media for the past two years, I observed quite a unique, colorful, mystical, and resilient-quality persona. In a world where gold-digging twerkers, silicone, and botox bags are hoping to get rich off click-baiting by cheapening their souls, I found this black rose (Ashley). At the time, Ashley was in the process of losing her father (RIP). Through all her posts, she shared positive inspirational moments with thousands of her followers. She did that by showing artistic creativity, raw vulnerability, depth, fun, and quality content.

With bloodlines from native American tribes, Greece, Hungary and Poland, Ashley was born in Michigan. Ashley’s absolute hero was her father. This army infantry badass biker took her everywhere. Hunting trips, NASCAR racing, and tinkering was all part of the bond. Sadly, Mom and Dad did not understand each other. Like many of us, they failed to “listen to understand” each other. Ashley admits to having been rebellious towards her father and his expectations. Today she gets teary eyed, she is filled with gratitude for it all. No one can tell me fathers aren’t important in a child’s development stages! I mean, look at stats. The percentage difference of inmates from single mother homes versus single father homes is shocking. It’s been suggested now that because of that, single dads seem to be better parents than single moms! A mother’s love is sweet to a child’s heart, but a father’s love is fuel to a child’s spirit.

Ashley worked for Ford Motors as a team leader. She was a tattoo artist for 10+ years. Today, she is a full-time welder and pursuing an underwater welding career. This young lady currently owns two BMW S 1000 RR(s) and a Raptor truck. She is absorbed by wildlife and the environment. Make no mistake, she is not a “Greta” environmentalist hellbent on making everyone feel guilty.

Ashley’s addiction for speed on two wheels started after she crashed a car drag racing doing a ¼ mile run. “They put me on a bike right after and the rest is history. I was hooked,” said the Savage Barbie in her. Her top speed is 207mph. I think one of her IG posts shows her speedometer at 199mph. When I saw that, I knew this savage was not just a pretty Barbie face. She has more balls than many of us and her dad would be proud of her today.

This wild and fearless black rose is and will always be fueled by passions screaming her affectionate tenderness for her father. Let’s be honest, don’t we all do that? Even for those who actually dislike or hate their dad, deep down it is the need for a father’s love that gives birth to these emotions (dislike and hate) as a desperate scream for it. The ego in us denies that, but that’s for another story. When I think of it, this column would have been perfect for a Father’s Day piece. Ashley’s entire life and story is a shrine honoring her father’s love. He was far from being perfect. She grew up in the midst of hardships, but he never gave up on her. He never ceased to say, “I love you” in words and also in actions.

This black rose lost her dad but she goes on carrying his flame with all her might. Within her own identity, apart from her dad, she developed her own fascinating journey. She is fearlessly discovering all that life has to offer. She desires to inspire her fans and followers to live outside the box; to believe in themselves even if it is against all odds; treat others as you want to be treated; cherish your family; respect others; and be loyal. Ashley is patient with herself, she learned that through anger management therapy. She is on her journey now, discovering and defining her values, recognizing she is not always her own best friend. She claims a still nebulous Christianity as her faith and considers the growth available to her through it. It is not all clear to her, but at least she is willing and open to learn.

Black roses are rare. They evoke deep intrigue and respect. Their meaning goes from death, mourning and tragedy, to a rebirth or a major change, optimism, hope, and eternal love. SavageBMWBarbie’s life journey mirrors all that—like all of us in a sense. Hardships do not define us unless we want to live like victims. It is what we choose to do with the good and the not so good that defines us. I can’t wait to see this black rose in full bloom.

Photos: courtesy of SavageBMWBarbie

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